Destination Bridal Portraits

To Prague With Love

Adam Ong Photography. Prague wedding photoshoot

Prague – one of the world’s most romantic cities. You will hardly come across a corner you do not want to photograph here. This place is a haven for bridal portraits, but never expect anything less than perfection from Adam Ong. We like how he included the locals in his photos. This is what we call capturing the moment.

Ban Eu: “We decided to do our bridal portraits in Prague because we wanted to choose a place that is different than the rest of the usual iconic places, and we’d heard that Prague is a beautiful city. They were right. It was like stepping into a fairytale land, a country that had stood the test of time, where history had been brought to life.”

Adam Ong Photography

Adam Ong Photography. Prague pre-wedding photo shoot

Adam Ong Photography. Prague pre wedding photos

Adam Ong Photography.

Adam Ong Photography

Adam Ong Photography

Adam Ong Photography

Adam Ong Photography

The couple with Preity Zinta, a Bollywood actress which was also at the site shooting for her upcoming movie “Ishkq in Paris”.

Adam Ong Photography


Photography by Adam Ong Photography / Location Prague

St. Patrick

Dramatic Elegance

We intentionally put these three posts of bridal portraits back-to-back to show that even though they were all taken in the same place – around Melbourne, Australia – they can be done in different styles, whether fun, romantic or dramatic. We wouldn’t say either one is better than the others; it really comes down to personal preference.

Here’s another set of photos from Melbourne, and as you can see, the possibilities are endless. This couple opted for a more elegant and dramatic direction for their photos. Kenn Foo used a good variety of lenses, which, together with the beautiful architecture and lighting, gave everything a more dramatic feel. Our favourites are the photos taken at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. It’s hard to believe this is Kenn’s first photoshoot in Melbourne…

St Patrick's Cathedral

Kenn Foo Photography in Australia

Kenn Foo Photography Malaysia

Kenn Foo Photography in Melbourne Australia

Kennfoo Weddings Photography Malaysia

Kennfoo Fine Art Weddings & Portraits

Hair and Makeup Glamorous by Michelle Lum

XIAO WIE & WAI HON {Australia}

Photography by Kennfoo Weddings / Hair and Makeup by Glamorous by Michelle Lum / Location St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Parliment of Victoria and Flinders Street Station in Melbourne

Drawing Closer

Australia pre-wedding photos. One Eye Click

There are 7,083,185,962 people in the world at this moment, and we’ve always wondered how, out of the thousands and millions of people we meet, one ever stumbles across that one person they decide to cherish for the rest of their life. Often, we do not understand how two people who are minding their own business and living their own lives somehow meet. But that’s what Estella and Lewis did. Here are their bridal portraits taken in Melbourne and Victoria, Australia.

One Eye Click pre-wedding photos

One Eye Click Singapore

Fun wedding photo shoot in Melbourne Australia. One Eye Click

One Eye Click photo shoot in Australia

One Eye Click wedding photos

One Eye Click photography

One Eye Click photo shoot in Brighton Beach, Melbourne

Singapore photographer

Wedding photo shoot in Melbourne Australia. One Eye Click

Fun wedding photo shoot in Melbourne Australia. One Eye Click

Colourful wedding photo shoot. One Eye Click

ESTELLE & LEWIS {Australia}

Photography by One Eye Click / Location Melbourne

A Cuppa Coffee In Korea

Dennis Yap Photography

Korea Bridal Portraits. Dennis Yap Photography

Korea Pre-Wedding. Dennis Yap Photography

Dennis Yap Korea Pre-Wedding

Flowers pre-wedding. Dennis Yap Photography

Shops in Korea. Dennis Yap Photography

Dennis Yap Photography

Coffee in korea. Dennis Yap Photography

Dennis Yap Photography

streets of Korea. Dennis Yap Photography

Dennis Yap Photography

We totally love how this couple seemingly swirled all over Seoul, Korea in her red dress and his checked shirt. Looking at the photos, we feel as if there’s a rhythm in the movements of this couple as they walk along the streets hand-in-hand and pop into the shops and cafés. Or is this simply the chemistry of love?

Seoul Tower

dennis yap photography

dennis yap pre-wedding photos


Photography by Dennis Yap Photography* / Location Seoul