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    Singapore Covid-19 Wedding Regulations Under Phase 3 by the Ministry of Health (MOH)

    Singapore has entered Phase 3 of Covid-19 pandemic recovery. Since the start of Phase 3 on 28 December 2020, the maximum capacity for wedding is 100 persons for external venue. The Ministry of Health (MOH) allow couples to hold ONE wedding reception in venues that are permitted to serve food and drinks (e.g. restaurants, hotels), held on the same day as the solemnisation or on a separate day. This minimises the risk to the community. Please note that any meal exceeding the existing group size for social gatherings, if held back-to-back with the solemnisation, shall be deemed a reception.  Here are some things to note: SOLEMNISATIONS SOLEMNISATION AT THE FOLLOWING VENUES:•…

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    Step by Step Guide to Registering Your Marriage for Non-Muslims in Malaysia

    In order for your marriage to be recognised in Malaysia for legal purposes, it’s compulsory for all Malaysians to register with the National Registration Department or JPN (Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara). This is optional for foreigners living in Malaysia, and there is a different process for Muslim and non-Muslim citizens. Below is a simple step by step guide to registering your marriage for non-Muslims. You should start the application to register your marriage at least one month before the solemnisation/ registration date. Note that you need to be married within six (6) months from your date of application. STEP 1: Choose your ROM venue In Malaysia, non-Muslims have 3 venue options:…

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    Malaysian Wedding Ceremony Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) by MKN (Malaysia National Security Council) Under Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO)

    Due to rising number of Covid-19 cases, wedding ceremonies and receptions are not allowed to proceed in states under Movement Control Order (MCO). However, MKN has lifted the MCO status and imposed Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) and Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) in the country. Both wedding ceremonies and receptions are now allowed to proceed under CMCO and RMCO. There are different SOPs for states under CMCO and RMCO. Kindly refer to our checklist on wedding receptions < Malaysia Wedding SOP by MKN >. For wedding ceremonies i.e. Registration of Marriage and Solemnisation (Akad Nikah), do adhere to the following SOPs for non-Muslim and Muslim wedding ceremony. Malaysia National Security…

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    New Norm for Weddings in Marriott International Hotels under Covid-19

    In the midst of this global pandemic, many weddings have been cancelled and/or postponed to 2021. Like many couples, we are unsure of how this will unfold in the coming months. We understand the conundrum couples are facing this season but as Queen famously sang, “The show must go on!” TWN has spoken to one of our main hotel partners in Malaysia, Marriott International Inc., to get a deeper understanding of how their hotels are taking steps to assist couples in the wedding planning process during this time. All Marriott hotels comply with their group’s “Commitment to Clean” guidelines when it comes to food preparation, service and staff to ensure…

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    Malaysian Wedding Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) by MKN (Malaysia National Security Council) – Updated

    ALLOWED VENUES: Ballrooms or open-air spaces EVENT DURATION: 3-5 hours < read more > CAPACITY: Subject to the size of the venue with adherence to social distancing. THINGS NOT ALLOWED1. Events will not be allowed if it is too difficult to control, where the crowd is too big at any one time and it is difficult to control the behaviour of the guests.2. Self-service buffet and the blowing of candles.3. Organisation of events in PKPD areas are not allowed.4. Patients Under Investigation (PUI) and Persons Under Surveillance (PUS) are not allowed to attend the events.

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    Singapore Covid-19 Wedding Regulations Under Phase 2 by the Ministry of Health (MOH)

    As you know, Singapore has entered Phase 2 of Covid-19 pandemic recovery. Since the start of Phase 2 on 19 June 2020, the maximum capacity for weddings has been 20 persons. However, starting from 3 October 2020, that limit was increased to 100 persons. Here are some things to note: SOLEMNISATIONS 1. Solemnisation with guests:ALLOWED VENUES:• Places of worship• HDB common areas• Other external venuesCAPACITY: Maximum of 100 persons (including the couple, excluding the solemniser, vendors and premise staff) for the entire event, subject to the venue’s capacity limit based on safe management principles. Vendors and premise staff should be kept to a minimum.

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    7 Pretty Seating Arrangements For Wedding Ceremony That Comply with the Malaysian Wedding SOP

    Here’s how to avoid having wedding photos that look like your guests are sitting in an examination hall, while still ensuring that they comply with the 1-metre apart seating requirements. Start with these ideas and work with your wedding planners and florists to come up with something you love. #01 Not aligning the chairs parallel to the stage A diagonal seating arrangement will look better in photos as it creates a visual effect of “closing the gap” in between chairs. Story: A Twilight-inspired Forest Wedding in Java, Indonesia by Iluminen Story: An Intimate Indoor Garden Wedding at Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur by Louis Gan Photography Story: White And Blush Pink…

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    3 Ways To Ensure Your Wedding Ceremony and Reception Come Under 5 Hours, Complying With the Malaysian Weddings SOP

    According to the latest Malaysian weddings SOP, wedding events cannot last for longer than five hours. Couples who have opted against a long day prior to the pandemic will tell you that it worked well for them, so decide with your partner what’s most important to the both of you – there is no right or wrong way to do this! To help you with your planning, here are a few ideas: #01 An evening ceremony and dinner reception Have your wedding ceremony at about 6pm (you might have to go with a simpler/condensed version of your religious ceremony) and move on to your dinner reception straight after. Aim for…

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    10 Things That Will No Longer Be the Same at Weddings in Malaysia

    We all know that weddings will not be the same again, at least in the near future. Your celebration will look and feel different with all the new restrictions but look at the bright side – you’ll get that small, meaningful and intimate wedding and reception that so many couples wish they could have had! Here are 10 ways your wedding will look different from now on. Don’t forget to read the Wedding SOP by MKN (Malaysia National Security Council), the English translation is here for your reference.

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    9 Ways To Save On Your Wedding (Without Losing Your Style)

    Photography by Inlight Photos Let’s face it: weddings are expensive affairs. But that doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune on this “once-in-a-lifetime” event. Keep the spending to a minimum and still have an awesome wedding with these ideas for paying less. #01 Look Past The Wedding Label Wedding gown, wedding flowers, wedding shoes… and the list goes on. When anything is marketed with the word ‘wedding’, its price doubles. So why not source for the items you need by calling them what they really are – white dress, rustic flower bouquet, white heels, etc. They are essentially the same thing but with a different price tag. #02 Trim…

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    Roles And Responsibilities Of A Bride’s Sidekicks

    Photo by Peter Herman Photography Planning a wedding can be an overwhelming process. Thankfully, the bridal party is there for support and to help. While a bride may have her own ideas as to how involved her ‘enlisted helpers’ will be, there are certain “duties” involved for those who take on these following roles. #01 Maid of Honour This is the bride’s right hand woman. She acts as the bride’s spokesperson, takes care of her, and makes sure she looks good from head to toe. From adjusting the bride’s train at the altar and holding her bouquet during the exchange of rings, to getting her a drink if she is…