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    Red Packet Allocations For Your Chinese Ceremony

    Photo by Peter Herman Photography Given the overwhelming amount of things to plan for a Chinese wedding ceremony, it might be a good idea to come up with a list of recipients and the amounts that you would need when it comes to red packets. This can actually be quite a substantial amount that couples often overlook during the budgeting stage. Traditions vary from family to family, so take this as a mere guide for those who are totally clueless. Remember, you can always give more if you’re feeling generous. “Heng Tai” a.k.a. The Groom’s Team Given by: The groom’s parents or the groom Value: Any amount, it’s more for…

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    What You Should Know About Your Vendors’ Meal

    [Source] We thought this might be useful as it’s not a commonly discussed topic and, in fact, is something many couples overlook. Most vendors just want something simple while working a wedding, and for wedding planners, photographers, videographers and the like who probably won’t have time to grab a bite the entire time, it’s a good idea to prepare something that they can eat quickly beforehand. The last thing you want is a hungry, lethargic wedding planner or photographer who can barely think straight. When? Feed them no later than half an hour before your guests arrive, or during the first course of your reception meal. Alternatively, ask them what…

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    9 Things You Should Know Before You Print Your Wedding Invites

    [Source] What if you’d been following a particular designer from overseas for the longest time and want them to do your wedding invites? What if you’ve just fallen in love with a design that you found online? Most of the time, shipping invites from overseas will cost you more than you can afford. There is a cheaper option, which is to print them locally. Most online shops sell printables or design templates, and just FYI: this process applies to all wedding stationery, not just invites. #01 Design You have three simple options: design your own, hire a stationer or purchase a design online. Designing your own is not as easy…

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    How To Get Great Deals For Your Wedding

    If you have the luxury of time, there are plenty of ways to get great deals. Last minute shopping and rash decisions will always cost more, so if you can, spot what you want early, allow for other options and be decisive when things are on sale. #01 Designer Sales Designer labels often have sample sales at the end of each season. Follow the labels you like on social media to be in the know. Celest Thoi Boutique #02 Online Shopping Do your online shopping during the mid-year sales, or on Thanksgiving, Boxing Day and Black Friday. Be ready to move fast as stocks are usually limited. #03 Hotel Bookings…

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    6 Types Of Wedding Guests You Shouldn’t Have Bothered Inviting

    As a wedding guest, remember that you have been handpicked by the couple to share their special day, so do support them by adhering to some basic wedding guest etiquette. Don’t be the person who keeps stealing the limelight! TWN, in collaboration with Stories by Integricity. This was great fun to do, so thank you to Grace and the team. To ensure that you don’t miss out on anything, subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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    Fashion Tips For Grooms To Suit All Budgets

    Photo by Johnny Tuxedo #01 Invest in a suit Nothing fits better than a tailored suit, so invest in one. If you want something versatile, pick a suit in navy, grey or charcoal as those can be worn for any occasion. #02 Ready-to-wear If a tailored suit is out of your budget, then buy one off the rack. Ready-to-wear suits make great alternatives when on a tight budget – just make sure it fits properly. For an even better fit, buy a suit that’s one size larger and get it professionally altered. #03 Suit separates Most fashion labels these days allow you to purchase jacket and trousers separately. For a…

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    5 Fashion Mistakes That Grooms Make

    We have seen photos from thousands of weddings, and, unfortunately, not all grooms look like handsome, dashing versions of a James Bond in the making. To help you future grooms out there, here are 5 fashion mistakes to avoid: #01 Tuxedo Before 6pm The tuxedo is also known as a dinner jacket. That means it should be worn only for dinner. A tuxedo during daytime is a fashion abomination. TIP: The 10 Commandments Of The Dinner Jacket #02 Light Coloured Suit In The Evening Light coloured suits like white, sky blue or beige are for daytime use only. This is why dinner jackets only come in black or midnight blue.…

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    Find The Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Style That Fits You

    There are plenty of different approaches for your pre-wedding photoshoot. Find one that is suitable and that aligns with your own style, and go for it. Do some research and dig up what fits you best. If you have problems choosing just one, you can always combine a couple, or even plan another photoshoot to celebrate your first wedding anniversary if your other half is up for it. #01 Bridal Portraits These are photos of you in your bridal gown and photos of the both of you all dressed to the nines. These tend to be more dramatic in terms of setting and look, and, if necessary, you should save…

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    Tips For The DIY Bride: How To Stay Organised

    How hard can this be, right? The challenge that most DIY brides face is conveying the vision in their heads to their helpers, and delegating the tasks. Besides having a main coordinator for the wedding day, you will need helpers to assist you with all the different elements as well. DIY weddings can actually be fun, as everyone can feel part of the most meaningful day of your life, so don’t worry too much about troubling people who you know love you very much. Divide your helpers into different groups: registration, décor, ushers and so on. Detail how many people are required in each group on the itinerary. It is…

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    Five Reasons Why Wedding Planners Still Prefer Weddings In Hotels

    Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Most wedding planners will tell you that they prefer hotel weddings, and there are many reasons for that. While we aren’t exactly fans of predictable wedding venues, we do feel a need to caution brides on what to expect if you choose to not have your wedding in a hotel. You might need to put everything together yourself, including caterers. Some venues even require you to bring in your own tables and chairs, which could mean additional costs if you’re renting them. You also risk having to get lower quality items if rental prices are too expensive. When you break everything down, it might eventually…

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    6 Steps To Not Losing Any Sleep Over Your Wedding Day

    We understand – there’s a lot of pressure to make your wedding day the most beautiful and meaningful of your life. If you work full-time, the stress of juggling both work and wedding planning will probably get to you. There is so much you need to do that you might even lose sleep over it all. So here are a few tips on how to manage the wedding planning process so it’s much more enjoyable. Download our wedding planning checklist and just do what you need to each month. The reason a lot of people lose sleep is, instead of writing down what they need to do and ticking it…

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    How To Protect Your Wedding Angpow Box

    The recent case of a stolen angpow box is a reminder of what could happen if you’re not careful on your big day. This is definitely not how you would want to remember your wedding, so be sure to take these precautionary steps to ensure the same doesn’t happen to you. #01 Keep the money box out of sight Do not put the money box on the table for all to see. Instead, put it in between your helpers and make sure they are seated with their backs against the wall. #02 Leave out the details Never write down the name of the person in charge of counting the angpow…