Manoj Photography. Styling by Eventistry.

A Sustainable and Philanthropic Covid-19 Wedding

Manoj Photography. Styling by Eventistry.

A styled shoot inspired by this pandemic era is exactly what we need to remind bridal couples that it’s still possible to have the loveliest wedding. This collaboration, led by Eventistry, is filled with not only gorgeous, sustainable ideas but also charitable vendors that are supporting some of our B40 communities. What better way to celebrate love than by sharing with those who need it the most? Thanks, Manoj Photography, for rushing out these edits for us!

Manoj Photography. Styling by Eventistry.

Picha Eats Wedding. Manoj Photography. Styling by Eventistry.

Manoj Photography. Styling by Eventistry.

Manoj Photography. Styling by Eventistry.

Handmade mask from NGO Tukang Jahit KTJ. Manoj Photography. Styling by Eventistry.


Photo by Tomek Cheung Photography.

A Sensual Styled Shoot That Shows the Confidence of a Calligrapher/Barrister in Hong Kong

Photo by Tomek Cheung Photography.

What a dreamy and inspirational styled shoot! How do you capture the soft and poetic side of a calligrapher who also happens to be a tough, confident barrister? In these images, the photographer has managed to capture both aspects of the model’s personality, not to mention her beauty. Thank you for these lovely shots, Tomek Cheung Photography!

Our beauty lies within, and this is an example of how being at ease with oneself is key to exuding it. All parties involved in this shoot wore outfits that complemented the theme and vibe, with every detail seen to and no stone left unturned. We love the versatility showcased by the wedding crew, including the photographer, makeup artist and accessory designer. As with all photoshoots, great ideas and chemistry are crucial to a genuine, successful collaboration.

Photo by Tomek Cheung Photography.

Photo by Tomek Cheung Photography.

Photo by Tomek Cheung Photography.


Wedding invitation.

Artist Collection – A Collection of Wedding Stationery Inspired by The Creative Community

The past few months have been challenging for the creative industry, but here at The Wedding Notebook, we are very much encouraged by how wedding vendors have stayed strong and positive. This project, spearheaded by KAMI, is one of many beautiful initiatives.

Teaming up with the best local artists, fashion designers, interior designers, independent stationers and lifestyle brands, KAMI has produced this exclusive collaboration that embodies the artists’ signature aesthetics. What a gorgeous wedding invitation collection! It’s exactly what we need to get us all excited about wedding planning again.

All designs can be purchased on under Artist Collection. KAMI is also committed to introducing a new local artist every month in order to continue to support this amazing initiative.

KAMI x Adrien Kent wedding invitation.

Adrien Kent
Interior Designer
Adrien Kent, co-founder of Studio Kanta, is a Kuala Lumpur-based interior designer and sketch artist. His studio excels in varied design perspectives and visual storytelling, providing multifaceted services in interior design, graphic design, branding, wayfinding and product design. His clients include Common Ground, Nelissa Hilman, Fern and The Bijan Group. An avid hobbyist, Adrien spends his time practicing ballet, piano, the harp and the theremin. He was crowned winner of the reality TV show, ‘The Apartment season 7’, in 2019.

KAMI x The Alphabet Press wedding invitation.
The Alphabet Press
Letterpress Printmaker
A bespoke letterpress stationery brand based in Malaysia, The Alphabet Press (TAP) designs and prints premium wedding invitations, business cards, corporate stationery and products such as cards and notebooks. Their 1950s vintage German presses ensure the quality of traditional craft production, combined with the efficiencies of modern industrial processes.


Filming Art Cinematography pre wedding video

Tell a Better Love Story Through Your Pre-Wedding Photos and Videos with This Extra Time

It goes without saying that Covid-19 has thrown a giant spanner into 2020’s wedding plans. It doesn’t mean that all is lost. The wedding is just one day, but your marriage is for the rest of your lives! Just remember, things aren’t cancelled, they’re postponed. What that means is you have suddenly been given a lot more planning time, both for your wedding and your bridal portraits. Get in touch with your photographer and let those creative juices flow. Talk to your spouse-to-be and reflect on what might make your portraits just that little bit more meaningful. It’s a great opportunity to bring both your personalities into it. Here are some ideas:

#01 What makes your love story yours?

No two love stories are the same, so what makes yours unique? Try to recall the magic that first brought the two of you together. Remember how you couldn’t wait to tell your best friend that you had found The One? Or it could be entirely fictional too – put those acting chops to use!

Filming Art Cinematography pre wedding video

Story: Starting Out as Coffee Lovers by Filming Art Cinematography (Video)

Photo by Filming Art Cinematography. tp://

Story: Conceptual Bridal Portraits: The Pilot And The Tailor by Filming Art

#02 Introduce yourselves to the rest of the world

Your bridal portraits could focus on what each of you are passionate about – and how that brought you two together, or not! Are you guys the perfect example of how opposites attract? Are you so adorably similar that you’re basically made for each other? This is a great way for your friends on both sides to get to know your partner and who you are together.

Bungee jumping wedding. Videography by ABC Studio.

Story: Bungee Jumping in Zürich, Switzerland, for the Bride’s Hand in Marriage by ABC Studio (video)

Photo by Acapella Photography.

Story: Ballet In Paris by Acapella Photography

Photo by Raymond Phang Photography.

Story: Bridal Shoot In Empty Swimming Pool by Raymond Phang Photography

Photo by Funkydali.

Two Parts Of A Whole by FunkyDali (with GIFs)

#03 It’s the perfect time for an experiment

Look, we know it can be cringe-worthy how cheesy some bridal portraits are, but it definitely doesn’t have to be that way! You don’t need to know how to pull it off, you just need to know someone who does, and this is why it’s important to find the right vendors. Do something you have always wanted to do, or throw caution to the wind and create something fun that you can look back on and laugh about. Play with dimensions, or even put all that overstocked toilet paper to good use!

Concept paper bridal gown. Raymond Phang Photography.

Dramatic Paper Wedding Dress by Raymond Phang Photography

Creative bridal portraits. Art Direction and Photo by VIVIDA Photo & Video.

Released By Love by VIVIDA (with video)

Chalkboard bridal portraits. Photography by Julian Oh of Redd Bullets.

Behind The Scenes Of A Shoot Gone Wild by Julian Oh of Redd Bullets (with video)

#04 Give in to your fashion editorial fantasies

Now is the perfect time to create that fashion editorial you have always dreamed of. Work with your photographer to come up with a moodboard, and take your time hunting down the right props or wardrobe. With this, the aim is to shoot for quality, not quantity. In addition to the links below, here is an entire post for inspiration!

Photo by Metrophoto.

Untouched Beauty: Traditional Bridal Portraits in Lijiang and Shangri-La, China by Metrophoto

Photo by Threebox Studio.
In The Mood For Love by Threebox Studio

Photo by 50nfifty.

Glam Meets Grunge In This Gritty, Steamy Bridal Photoshoot by 50nfifty Productions

#05 Make your bridal portraits a love letter to your future selves

When all is said and done, bridal portraits are simply a captured moment in time. It’s something for you to look back on when you celebrate your 20th wedding anniversary, or a keepsake for your grandchildren. It’s a great way to preserve the present for posterity, but also something that you can revisit in fondness and love. After all, this is just the beginning of a lifelong journey together!

Jackie Yong Photography.

Glimpse Into The Future: Bridal Portraits That Predict Married Life 50 Years On by Jackie Yong Photography

The Post-Wedding Video: Dear Future by Kahgiap Remarks (video)

Sanren Studio.

Going Back To Basics With A Bridal Portrait Shoot on Zoom During The Covid-19 Lockdown

There’s something about how creative we are getting when it comes to bridal portraits while in lockdown that truly captures who we are in this time. During the Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia, ND from Sanren Studio began using Zoom or WeChat to take bridal portraits for his clients. It’s great to see that the lockdown isn’t stopping photographers from flexing their creative muscles and finding new ways to connect with their community and would-be clients.

The convenience and quality of a Zoom video call means there is so much in terms of artistic direction that can be explored, and if you don’t believe us, check out these photos for yourself. Despite the lower resolution images, the expressions and emotions captured are as clear as ever. With just a mobile phone and its editing functions, your bridal portraits can become fine art.

#01 FION

Zoom Portraits. Sanren Studio.

Zoom Portraits. Sanren Studio.

Zoom Portraits. Sanren Studio.


Photo by Peter Herman Photography.

5 Alternative Wedding Ideas For The Covid-19 Era

For those of us who were planning to tie the knot in 2020, it’s time to make a contingency plan. While this can be disappointing, it’s not the end of the world. After all, weddings are all about making it work! Just don’t forget to throw that party for your friends and family to celebrate with you when all this is over. Read on for our list of alternative wedding ideas if you’re getting married in this Covid-19 era:

#01 Live Streaming
You’re already keeping in touch with friends and family through Zoom, IG Live or Skype – why not live stream your wedding too? You could even get a professional videographer to do the job, and you just might be pleasantly surprised at the results. Your emotions will be captured even more clearly, and a professional will know exactly what to anticipate and when, which means your guests will get an up close and personal view of everything that’s going on. Just recently, this couple in Brunei did something similar! Take it to the next level by sending out invitations and getting food delivered to your “guests” so that everyone can enjoy a meal together and toast the newlyweds! Make sure you include your Zoom meeting number (or equivalent) in your invitations.

Story: Instagram-Live Courthouse Wedding in Brunei in The Midst of Covid-19

Instagram Live Wedding.

Insta Stories Wedding in the midst of Covid-19.

#02 Do It At Home
Since we’re all being told to stay home anyway, we might as well get married there! Besides, isn’t it kind of romantic to start married life literally at home with your beloved? If you need more space, you could think about renting an AirBnB with a backyard. Otherwise, keeping things simple at home with minimal décor and plenty of natural light is perfect. You’re not meant to have lots of guests anyway!

Story: Amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic, This Couple Chose To Tie the Knot At Home by Jonlin Photography

Jonlin Photography.

#03 Take It Outdoors
We’re all under strict orders not to have big gatherings indoors, so why not take it outside? An outdoor wedding would certainly allow for more guests, as long as everyone maintained social distancing. Keep things local, perhaps a neighbourhood park or a simple garden wedding, with just a handful of your closest friends witnessing from a safe distance away. It will mean so much for you to be able to see your loved ones cheering the both of you from afar, and for them to see you too!

Story: An Ethereal Waterfall Ceremony At Kanching Falls, Rawang by Peter Herman Photography

Photo by Peter Herman Photography.

Story: An All-White Intimate Cave Wedding in Bali by Terralogical

Wedding in a cave in Bali. Photo by Terralogical.

#04 Keep it Simple and Small
No matter which option you choose, it’s best to keep your guest list as short as possible. If you’re not sure how to go about trimming the list, here’s a good guide. This is a great opportunity to think about who you really want to be a part of your wedding – with the exception of the elderly, of course. You could even do a short getaway with just both sets of parents (below), have a breakfast picnic with your (small) bridal party, or take a short drive or ferry ride to an island near you.

Story: A Quiet Affair At Four Seasons Resort Langkawi by WeFreeze Photography

WeFreeze Photography.

#05 Elope
Or… you could totally elope! Do any of the ideas that we have suggested, just don’t tell anyone. Back in 2013, this couple did exactly that when they eloped in Vegas. If wedding planning is starting to stress you out, with its overflowing guest list and growing obligations, eloping could be the answer. When all this Covid-19 business is over, you’ll be able to have that wedding reception, knowing that you had this very private and special moment – just the two of you.

Story: Live Streaming From Vegas by Ron Dillon Photography

Ron Dillon Photography.

Ron Dillon Photography.

Instagram-Live Courthouse Wedding in Brunei in The Midst of Covid-19

Insta Stories Wedding in the midst of Covid-19.

As our lives became more strictly controlled due to the uncertainties around Covid-19, it was soon clear that most weddings in the first half of 2020 would have to be postponed. Sure, you could still get married, but you wouldn’t be able to have a reception. These newlyweds could only have their witnesses with them on the day they registered their marriage at the Brunei High Court, and since they couldn’t bring their party with them, they celebrated with everyone online – via Instagram! An added bonus? Some of their friends who initially weren’t able to attend due to distance got to witness their special day!

Insta Stories Wedding in the midst of Covid-19.

Insta Stories Wedding in the midst of Covid-19.

Weiting: “We had booked our ROM (Registration of Marriage) date in February for 18/04/2020 before puasa, which is the beginning of Ramadan or the fasting month. Our actual wedding celebration was to be in June. But Brunei was hit with its first Covid-19 case in March, and we were informed that we could only have two witnesses with us! So only our mothers (who were our witnesses) were allowed to be in the court room.

“We were kind of bummed about it at first, as it’s usually a pretty big celebration. Friends and family typically take photos on the High Court building’s iconic staircase. The bride would start her makeup at six in the morning or earlier, and the bridal party would all come in their colour coordinated outfits. The groom would pick up the flowers and look forward to meeting his soon-to-be lawfully wedded wife. The official photographer would take pictures of everyone, and the day would usually end with a lunch hosted by the couple and their families. We couldn’t have any of that. We had the choice of postponing the ROM, but we decided to just run with it.

“We cancelled the makeup artist and photographer, and decided to document our journey ourselves, through Instagram Live! We were determined not to let this dampen our spirits. From the moment I was in my car, driving my mum and I to the court house, I went live. We told our friends in advance that we would be doing that, so about 60 of them joined us, more than the court room could ever hold!

Insta Stories Wedding in the midst of Covid-19.

“While waiting for the Registrar, one of the staff told us that we were required to wear masks, and thankfully we had some on us. We waited for about 15 minutes but our viewers were entertained by our mothers’ conversations, which definitely added to the uniqueness of the day. When the Registrar arrived, we asked for his permission to film the ceremony, as many of our friends and family could not be with us. ‘But I’ll be on camera too!’ he said, laughing at the situation. He was also wearing a mask and figured it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world so he gave us the green light to go ahead.

“There we were, exchanging our vows with our masks on, with our 60-odd ‘guests’ watching from afar. It wasn’t sealed with a kiss, but with a friendly ‘side hug’ as husband and wife! Once we had signed the papers, we went outside and took photos with our trusty iPhones. A friend who was waiting for me outside became our impromptu photographer. It was intimate, beautiful, and most of all, memorable because we couldn’t help but laugh as we took pictures with our masks on. We even had friends viewing from overseas who otherwise would never have joined us!”

Tips from the bride: “If you’re getting married during Covid-19, figure out what works for you and where you are at. This was just our ROM. We postponed our matrimony and reception, which was supposed to have been in June in Kota Kinabalu. Talk to your vendors, family members and friends – there is always a way to make it work! It’s easy to feel discouraged when circumstances are out of your control, but when you focus on the good, things get better! Our friends and family were so supportive of our unique situation.”

Insta Stories Wedding in the midst of Covid-19.

Insta Stories Wedding in the midst of Covid-19.

Insta Stories Wedding in the midst of Covid-19.


Photos courtesy of Bride / Venue Brunei High Court / Number of Guests 2 / Bridal Jumpsuit by Forever New / Bride’s Shoes by Dorothy Perkins / Hair and Makeup DIY / Bridal Bouquet by Yelly Florist

Photo by Bloc Memoire Photography.

Edgy and Contemporary with Sleek Lines and Wildflowers

Photo by Bloc Memoire Photography.

Brides-to-be tend to find themselves in this common dilemma when planning their wedding: to keep things classic and risk veering on ‘boring’ and ‘predictable’, or spice things up with a contemporary look and risk having a look that dates?

What’s chic and contemporary these days is a balance of the two, such as dried wildflowers set against sleek lines and modern tablescapes, warm wooden textures juxtaposed against steely cool structures, and a palette of earthy tones with subtle gilded touches. Above all, sustainability is important – most of the décor can be repurposed by the newlyweds for their new home. Many thanks to Bloc Memoire Photography for this impressive set of bridal inspiration photos!

Photo by Bloc Memoire Photography.

Photo by Bloc Memoire Photography.

Photo by Bloc Memoire Photography.


Exchange vows in your own house. Jonlin Photography.

Amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic, This Couple Chose To Tie the Knot At Home

Exchange vows in your own house. Jonlin Photography. #weddingduringcovid19

Bless this couple for their persistence in the face of global chaos! Their gorgeous wedding is a bright spot in so many ways, and it just goes to show that when it comes to weddings, true love is all that is needed. Prior to the ‘Circuit Breaker’ in Singapore, they decided to proceed with their wedding by hosting a small ceremony in their own home, keeping it small and safe for everyone. Imagine the memories every time they walk those hallways now! Thank you for these stunning images, Jonlin Photography.

Jonlin Photography.

Jonlin Photography.

Jonlin Photography.


Photo by Iluminen.

Love In The Time of Covid-19: Planning Your Bridal Portraits

How is it that March 2020 has felt like all 12 months of 2019 put together? Things happen and life can fly out of our control sometimes, but that’s just how it is. Much like most wedding days, actually.

The good news is Covid-19 doesn’t mean that life has to stop completely. You definitely have to relook how you should plan your wedding, but you can start scheduling those bridal portraits. Depending on the situation in your country, hopefully you will be able to shoot your portraits from June onwards. Just remember that you should still try to keep the number of people involved to a minimum, and only proceed if you (and your vendors) are all healthy. Pack your own food and have a picnic on the day, too!

As most weddings will likely be postponed until next year, you should take advantage by booking that coveted photographer – he or she probably has a few extra available slots now. Also, here are some ideas on how you can continue to practise social distancing while getting your bridal portraits done during these uncertain times:

#01 Keep It Local
Local photoshoots will obviously be a lot easier to plan and manage, plus everyone will have no problems travelling to the location. Keep it small – just the two of you, the photographer and a makeup artist. Take this opportunity to enjoy the best that your country has to offer, without having to deal with tourists and large crowds as you’re trying to get that perfect shot.

Photo by Jasmine of Munkeat Studio.
Story: Gorgeous Traditional Indian Bridal Portraits in White and Earth Tones Taken at Putrajaya, Malaysia by Jasmine. A Photography

Photo by Hellow Jane Lee.
Story: Vintage Flavoured Engagement Shoot in Cameron Highlands by hellojanelee

#02 Back To Nature
It’s been a bit eerie to see famous landmarks around the world empty and devoid of people. While you might be tempted to visit those places now, it’s probably best to head out to some naturally secluded areas where absolutely no one will be around. This might mean waterfalls, forests, or the sand dunes of Malacca perhaps, making sure that you avoid weekends and public holidays of course.

Peter Herman Photography.
Story: Sweet Bohemian Bridal Portraits At Pantai Klebang Sand Dunes In Malacca by Peter Herman Photography

Photo by Anson Photography.
Story: Refreshing Bridal Portraits at Kanching Waterfall in Rawang by Anson’s Photography

#03 Stay At Home
What’s better than having a photographer capture the essence of who you are as a couple in your “natural habitat” – your home? After all, marriage is about building a home together, and there’s a purity and honesty that comes with being able to pull off bridal portraits in your own private space. Bonus: it’s also a great way to show off your pad while practising social distancing at the same time!

Photo by Joshua Koh Photography.
Story: The Love Story Continues at Home by Joshua Koh Photography

Photo by Bitesize Visuals.
Story: At Home With You Through Every Season by Bitesize Visuals

#04 An Isolated Space
An alternative to shooting your bridal portraits at home would be doing it in a studio. Keep the team as small as possible, and to minimise contact with others and reduce the number of people in a confined space, the setting up and décor should be done the day prior without you there. For this, you will need to research the kind of style and moodboard you would like to emulate for your portraits. Alternatively, you could also find a quirky café, bar or restaurant, and support them by hiring out the space during their non-operating hours.

Munkeat Phtoography.
Story: Laidback Bridal Portraits at Metal Bees by MunKeat Photography

Photo by Jessielyee Photography.
Story: Nostalgic Bridal Portraits at Hide and Seek Coffee, Petaling Street by Jessielyee. Photography

#05 Post-Wedding Portraits
If your heart is still set on having destination bridal portraits, we totally understand. It just means you will have to be patient and not rush to get them done. Especially not with the situation changing almost daily. Instead of a pre-wedding photoshoot (below), perhaps you could consider having post-wedding portraits; rent a motorhome (cook and sleep) and go on an outskirt road trip with your photographer. There is no deadline when it comes to expressing your love and gratitude for your partner, and it will take time for each country to figure out where they stand. At the end of the day, all that really matters is you’ve got your sweetheart next to you.

Photo by Iluminen.

Photo by Iluminen.
Story: Pre-Wedding Motorhome Adventure Across New Zealand by Iluminen