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  • Photo by Fire Wood & Earth.
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    Adventurous, Nature-Filled Seaside Bridal Portraits at Nusa Penida

    What is it about the beach and being by the ocean? Pandemic or no pandemic, Bali has always been a popular spot for tying the knot and celebrating romance. On Nusa Penida, a small island off Bali, these newlyweds splashed in the ocean and played to their hearts’ content – with Andre Lesmana of Fire, Wood & Earth photographing away. There were sunrise shots, sunset shots, and that glamorous palm tree-lined driveway. Thank you for this set of bridal portraits! Andre: “Rinie and Christian are a super adventurous couple. They love to travel and explore amazing natural landscapes. That’s the reason they chose Nusa Penida, a small island southeast of…

  • Irene Yap Photography.
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    Casually Artsy Yet Joyful Bridal Portraits At Encore Malacca

    At first glance, the artsy structure that sets the background for these bridal portraits make you wonder if they were taken at the Louvre or a Scandinavian museum… but it’s actually a performance arts theatre in Malacca! While Pantai Klebang has certainly made a name for itself as the place to go for dreamy desert-themed bridal photos, we love that this couple and their photographer stopped by Encore Malacca as well. The couple’s curiosity and adventure were well captured, all while keeping the vibe playful and thoughtful at the same time. Irene Yap of Irene Yap Photography: “This is the first engagement shoot I’ve done in my home country, Malaysia.…

  • Patrick Kok Moments.
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    Bridal Portraits Beneath A Nightsky Full of Stars at Kundasang, Sabah

    These may well be the most spectacular bridal portraits we have ever seen. Fancy getting the Milky Way as the backdrop in your special album, and at Kundasang, Sabah! Thank you for these amazing captures, Patrick Kok Moments. What a journey for this couple and their trusted photographer! They left Kota Kinabalu and made for Kundasang at night, hoping to see the Milky Way. Upon their arrival, they felt that the sky wasn’t what they had envisioned, so they decided to wait an hour, taking a nap in the car. Sure enough, the clouds soon began to part and twinkling stars filled the sky. The photographer quickly set up his…

  • Photo by Logika Bumi of Terralogical.
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    Spirited and Heartwarming Bridal Portraits in Charming Yogyakarta, Indonesia

    We adore the way this precious album of bridal portraits captures the beautiful couple’s love and the majestic charm of Yogyakarta in Indonesia. Often called Jogja, the city is known for its traditional arts and cultural heritage. Besides making it onto UNESCO’s tentative list of World Heritage Sites, it is also, in this particular instance, the hometown of the groom’s family, which just makes these photos all the more special. Thank you for these brilliant shots, Terralogical!

  • Kane.CY Photograph.
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    A Tip of the Hat to a Couple’s Beautiful Dating History Through Bridal Portraits at Restoran Yong Len, TTDI

    It is incredibly special when couples cement the memories of a lifetime by shooting their bridal portraits at their favourite hangout. In this couple’s case, they got theirs done at Restoran Yong Len, where the bride’s parents run a hawker stall. Having known each other since secondary school, the ‘kopitiam’ was always one of their favourite dining locations. Locals familiar with this particular jewel of a food hub will attest to how special it is. Not only does it serve amazing local cuisine, but for these two, it also holds an incredible bank of unforgettable memories from their courtship years. We’re big fans of having your bridal portraits shot at…

  • Helium Hearts.
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    Romantic Bridal Portraits at the Exquisite Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar in the Philippines

    Talk about all-around resplendence in a bridal portrait album! These gorgeous images have everything: the beautiful couple, their romantic wedding outfits and a stunning shoot location in Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, a sprawling property of over 400 hectares in Bagac, Bataan, in the Philippines. This location could easily pass for Europe! Thank you for these amazing shots, Helium Hearts. It looks like exploring your own country for your bridal portraits has become the new norm, and what a wonderful opportunity to do so. Who would have known of such an exquisite piece of history, restored from absolute ruin, in a country as young as the Philippines if not for…

  • Photo by Louis Gan Photography.
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    Celebrating Their Original Wedding Date With a Simple Rustic Chic Vow Exchange At KLoé Hotel

    By now, you would have heard of many cancelled weddings and postponed receptions. While disappointing, these newlyweds still wanted to honour the day they were originally going to become husband and wife. Their intended wedding date fell during Malaysia’s Movement Control Order, which meant large gatherings were not allowed but photoshoots with strict social distancing in place were good to go. These pre-wedding shots were taken at the newly opened rustic chic boutique hotel, KLoé Hotel in downtown KL, and the couple also used the opportunity to exchange their personal vows. Love prevails! The beautiful space and lush wildflowers, together with the bride’s chic bridal jumpsuit, made for a beautifully…

  • Jens Kv Photography.
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    Bridal Portraits Set Against Gorgeous Blue Skies at Pantai Klebang and Jonker Walk, Melaka

    We say, hats off to the couples who are not afraid of a little inconvenience when it comes to getting their dream bridal portraits. Our tropical climate can make shooting in places like Pantai Klebang and Jonker Walk in Melaka tricky, but the temporary discomfort is worth it for a lifetime of memories. Thank you, Jens KV Photography, for these spectacular shots! This couple definitely didn’t let the heat and humidity deter them, and if there ever was a good time for PDA, that time is now! The bride-to-be looked fresh and gorgeous in her tulle baby blue gown, while her groom-to-be looked dapper and in great spirits. It’s fine…

  • Photo by Superpanda Presents.
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    An Incredible Adventure for Bridal Portraits in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

    How awesome is it to share a love of adventure with your better half? This couple kept things simple and relaxed for their bridal portraits shoot that took place at a number of locations in Yogyakarta, Indonesia: Burobudur Temple, the Taman Sari underground mosque, Mt. Merapi and Prambanan Temples. Their photographer did a fine job so thank you for these shots, Joseph Daniel Batino of Superpanda Presents! Check out those incredible stairs at the Taman Sari underground mosque, they are almost like an optical illusion! There’s nothing like exploring an exciting site to infuse life and adventure into your bridal portraits. The couple also had some photos taken at the…

  • Photography Justmarrywedding.
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    Stunning Bridal Portraits in Bagan Datuk Sunflower Park in Perak

    Talk about sunny and beautiful! Thanks to this gorgeous couple, we now know of this beautiful sunflower park in Bagan Datuk, Perak. Well done on these lovely bridal portraits album, JustMarryWedding! Hope, adoration and loyalty were some of the words that came to mind when the photographer met this couple. He was quick to make the connection with sunflowers, and recommended this beautiful park. “It is a place that brings out joyfulness, positivity and happiness,” he said.