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    See This FaceTime Photoshoot Done During The Circuit Breaker in Singapore

    Talk about creative! Never have we seen a Save the Date like this absolutely gorgeous social media experiment. It really leaves an impression. Faced with the uncertainty of Singapore’s Circuit Breaker, Melvin of Multifolds Photography and his crew pulled off a FaceTime photoshoot using their knowledge of mobile phone photo editing, creating an awesome set of #stayhome portraits for this quirky couple. While these photos in no way replicate the resolution and quality of in-person bridal portrait shoots, it’s a creative and memorable experience for couples who want an interesting and timely keepsake at an affordable price. Playing around with the technology required is part of the fun, as shown…

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    Black and White Film Noir Bridal Portraits at The Henry Hotel, Pasay City, Manila

    The touch of film noir in this photoshoot is just… sexy. Despite three date changes due to unforeseen circumstances in scheduling, these photos that were taken at The Henry Hotel in Pasay City, Manila, are truly fantastic. Before we go on, kudos to Chyv of MangoRed for these stunning images! The groom is a pilot based outside of Manila, which made scheduling tricky since the shoot had to be planned around his schedule. They finally managed to get it done – just six days before the wedding! Not surprisingly, their wedding guests loved the unique and refreshing take on bridal portraits.

  • Photo by Jessielyee Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    Nostalgic Bridal Portraits at Hide and Seek Coffee, Petaling Street

    When you just want to let your hair down and have a good time, even for something as important as your bridal portraits, go ahead and do it. We are completely enamoured with this charming couple’s bold and fun personality, which comes through perfectly in their album. Kudos to Jessielyee Photography for this fantastic album. While discussing the location for the shoot, the couple knew immediately that Chinatown would be ideal, with its vibrant surroundings and old school cafés. They also visited Hide & Seek Café, where they changed into a cheongsam-esque dress and green suit respectively to match the Chinese New Year vibe. “It was hard to be calm…

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    A Happy and Simple Life in Bali

    Sometimes all it takes for even the most simplistic bridal portraits to shine with life is a willingness to have a good time. “Mundane” locations such as the Denpasar Fruit Market, Seseh Paddy Field and Black Sand Beach become remarkable – if the couple and their photographer allow. Thank you for these superb shots, Terralogical! The concept was to capture Alicia and Ryan being their normal selves and enjoying their time in Bali, including at the rice paddies and Black Sand Beach. She also wanted to be photographed at the market, hence the fun shots with the fruit sellers. Many were excited and eager to participate in the couple’s shoot,…

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    The One Who Makes the Everyday Extraordinary

    Sometimes we get so caught up in counting down to the wedding day that we forget what’s truly important are the days that follow the exchange of vows. To celebrate life after the wedding, we are doing two special posts of couple doing regular, everyday things, because of course marriage is made up of all these ordinary days. In collaboration with Rev AsiaxEcoWorld, we photographed this couple highlighting their mundane routines of life – such as doing the laundry, grocery shopping or walking in the park – made special by the presence of a cherished spouse. We love these cute portraits captured by Twins Photography!

  • Photo by Joshua Koh Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    The Love Story Continues at Home

    It is one thing to shoot a set of bridal portraits when you are both newly engaged, and quite another to do it after a year of marriage. Most couples find the first year after moving in together challenging, and that is the real test – only those who truly enjoy each other’s company will survive. In this collaboration with Rev AsiaxEcoWorld, we found a couple who had been married for a year, and photographed them doing simple, everyday things. We adore this set of portraits that was taken by Joshua Koh Photography. If you think the photos are lovely, their love story will melt your heart.

  • Photo by Fire Wood and Earth. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    Sunset and Mirrors at Nyanyi Beach Bali

    You can tell from the couple’s body language that they had an absolutely amazing time shooting these bridal portraits. They are real and passionate, and we know that they – and their guests – will be looking through this album over and over again in the years to come. Thank you for these awesome shots, Fire, Wood & Earth! Choosing to take their portraits at the famous black sand Nyanyi Beach was an easy choice, as they both enjoy the ocean immensely. It reminds them of God’s faithfulness, they say. They opted for a casual look in soft neutrals, their photographer did well to get those mirrors for the shoot.…

  • Photo by Twins Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    Marvel-lous Bridal Portraits For This Superhero and His Missus

    From the city streets of Kuala Lumpur to the flowing waters of Kanching Waterfall, these lovebirds captured their love against two very different, but equally scenic, backdrops. The best part is that their personalities also came through in all forms – both individually and as a couple. It’s obvious that they are deeply in love with each other, while also being each other’s best friend. What a refreshing and lovely set of bridal portraits, thanks to Twins Photography!

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    The Best Bicycle Adventure for Bridal Portraits at Dungun Terengganu

    These are some of the most charming bridal portraits we’ve ever seen, and we love them! This couple’s love journey was sparked by their love of bicycle adventures, and their romance was indeed captured beautifully in this album that was shot in Dungun, Terengganu. Thanks for these awesome shots, TK TEO Photography! Both riding enthusiasts, Suki and Oska met through their love for the sport. As they planned their wedding over the course of a year, they decided to revisit the place where they first met – Dungun. With the help of a dear photographer friend and styling team, they developed this series of photos. The bride shared: “The entire…

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    Laidback Bridal Portraits at Metal Bees

    The studio shoot has been redefined once again, proving that with the right team, it can be amazing. Why deal with unpredictable weather when you can control the lighting and mood indoors? Metal Bees, a professional space for commercial shoots, was definitely the right choice here. Thanks, Sherly from Tie The Knot, for showing us how to transform this blank canvas through gorgeous styling, and for sending us these photos. MunKeat Photography did a great job injecting warmth into these studio shots.

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    Bridal Portraits at W Kuala Lumpur in Celebration of Engaged High School Sweethearts

    Our hearts are warmed every time we come across a story of high school sweethearts making it to the “Yes, I do”. This lovely couple attended school together for five years before falling in love on the prom night of their final year. And now, with the groom-to-be having proposed on the anniversary of their courtship, plans for their Big Day are underway. Talk about amazing! Thank you for these memorable captures, Jackie Yong Photography. Instead of the usual wedding décor themes, this couple is going to centre their theme on values such as support, loyalty and love. Through their wedding concept, they plan to reveal their roles in their…