Conceptual Bridal Portraits

  • Pixioo Photography.
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    Artistic and Dreamy Bridal Portraits with LED Lights

    Not only has the pandemic affected wedding celebrations and receptions, but couples also found themselves limited to local spots when it came to shooting bridal portraits. It didn’t help that Singapore is a rather small country, but fortunately, it has a vibrant artistic community and photographers who found ways to make photoshoots interesting. Often, this meant trying new things and going outside of their comfort zone. Here, Pixioo Photography experimented with LED lights for these night portraits, and we are in love with the results. CHLOE & ALIVIN {Singapore} Photography by Pixioo Photography {Read more about this in the magazine}

  • Louis Gan Photography. Facetime photoshoot.
    Conceptual Bridal Portraits,  Love Stories

    FaceTime Bridal Portraits Taken During The MCO That Look Like Film Stills

    For most photographers, going outside to take photographs is what keeps their creative fire going. With Covid-19 putting us all in lockdown, however, the wedding photography community has been compelled to find new ways to hone their skills. Ultimately, it’s all about composition, inspiration, and going by your gut feeling, right? Building on ND of Sanren Studio’s Zoom photoshoot experiment, Louis Gan of Louis Gan Photography got in on the action too, playing with lights and filters for his photos of Asther and Wilson.

  • Photo by Fire Wood and Earth.
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    Sunset and Mirrors at Nyanyi Beach Bali

    You can tell from the couple’s body language that they had an absolutely amazing time shooting these bridal portraits. They are real and passionate, and we know that they – and their guests – will be looking through this album over and over again in the years to come. Thank you for these awesome shots, Fire, Wood & Earth! Choosing to take their portraits at the famous black sand Nyanyi Beach was an easy choice, as they both enjoy the ocean immensely. It reminds them of God’s faithfulness, they say. They opted for a casual look in soft neutrals, their photographer did well to get those mirrors for the shoot.…

  • Jackie Yong Photography.
    Conceptual Bridal Portraits,  Love Stories

    Glimpse Into The Future: Bridal Portraits That Predict Married Life 50 Years On

    This is one of the most creative and moving bridal portrait themes we’ve ever seen. Forget the fancy gowns and suits, this couple decided to depict what they think their marriage will look like 50 years from now, as their photographer captured their quirks during a day out near Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur. Everything about this is awesome – thank you, Jackie Yong Photography!

  • Photo by H+ Studio.
    Conceptual Bridal Portraits,  Love Stories

    Elegant Shanghainese Bridal Portraits Taken at PS150

    Having your bridal portraits look like movie stills from the golden age of Hong Kong cinema is such an elegant idea. When it comes to creating a classic Shanghai theme, the only thing we like more than Hong Kong star Wong Kar-Wai’s ‘In the Mood for Love’ is a spunky couple bold enough to pull it off. Suanne and Matthew rocked their Shanghainese set, shot in the quaint little bar PS150 in Kuala Lumpur’s Petaling Street. Thanks for these stunning shots, Gim Hong of H+ Studio! The bar was the perfect venue, thanks to its unfinished brick walls, furniture, fittings, décor and glassware. There was no need for props; all…

  • Photo by Terralogical.
    Conceptual Bridal Portraits,  Love Stories

    Quirky and Unconventional Bridal Portraits Taken on Bintan Island, Indonesia

    These are some pretty big, albeit unorthodox, bridal portraits, we have to say! And frankly we did not expect any less from two visual communication designers who are crazy in love and about to tie the knot. From perspective distortions to quirky art frames, these lovebirds wanted to defy the norms of bridal portraits, and that they did. It wasn’t all peculiar oddities (even though each photo looked like an art piece), the couple also took some conventional shots as backup, which were sweet and romantic – we love the ones of them by the beach and in the water, too! Many thanks to Govinda Rumi of Terralogical for this…

  • Photo by Bloc Memoire Photography.
    Conceptual Bridal Portraits,  Love Stories

    Indie Portraits With A Playful Twist at The Great Madras Hotel Singapore

    Hands down the best indie game face we’ve seen in a pre-wedding album, this was a breath of fresh air indeed, and we’ll tell you why. Shot at the unconventional The Great Madras Hotel Singapore, the photos certainly reflected the couple’s desire to create something indie and playful, in a flavour that was truly their own. They were not afraid to challenge the norm, with their funky outfits and zero public displays of affection. Instead, they went for a somewhat “disconnected” feel, aiming for “nothing touchy, yet being emotionally connected”. “That,” said Bloc Memoire Photography, “was honesty to the core.”

  • Photo by Filming Art Cinematography. tp://
    Conceptual Bridal Portraits,  Love Stories

    Conceptual Bridal Portraits: The Pilot And The Tailor

    Sometimes you simply can’t put into words how much your love story takes your breath away, so these newlyweds took their bridal portraits and had them made into a movie. Using different photographs, this combination of cinematography and photography (adorably called “cinephotography”) took storytelling and bridal portraits to an inimitable space. The level of detail applied to the styling and costumes perfectly complemented the love these newlyweds have for each other. Watch: “The Pilot & The Tailor”, starring Jocelyn and Louis. By Filming Art Cinematography. JOCELYN & LOUIS {Malaysia} Photography and Videography by Filming Art Cinematography / Styling by Nana Natalie of Filming Art Cinematography {Read more about this in…

  • Photo by Depth of Tales.
    Conceptual Bridal Portraits,  Love Stories

    An Eccentric Rehash Of ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ In Batam, Indonesia

    This pair of movie lovers certainly took their penchant for movies – or rather, for Wes Anderson’s ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ – up a notch for their pre-wedding shoot. Described as an “eccentric, pubescent love story”, ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ inspired such props as vintage briefcases, lamps, books and a small tepee. With a boy scout uniform and a raccoon hat for him, and a vintage dress for her, the results are a timeless and unique album that is guaranteed to delight family and friends for generations to come. Many thanks to Depth of Tales for this truly brilliant work!

  • Photo by Chester Kher Creations.
    Conceptual Bridal Portraits,  Love Stories

    Making A Splash With Underwater Bridal Portraits

    There are many ways for a couple to make a splash — this couple did it gorgeously, and literally, with an underwater shoot. We love the pops of colour, and especially how the bride’s red gown swirled like a mermaid’s tail in the water. We hope everything goes swimmingly well for this lovely couple! Many thanks to Chester Kher Creations for this. Charley: “We just wanted to try something fresh, that was not too clichéd, and that did not require too much posing. We went ahead with this underwater idea without knowing what to expect. It was a challenging yet fulfilling experience!”