• Photo by Arch And Vow Studio. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    Pink And Brown Baskin-Robbins Themed Wedding

    No one ever complains about an ice cream party, but this is so much more than just another good idea. There’s a story behind it, one that we’ll let the bride Charmaine share with you. We adore her Celest Thoi dress and those adorable flowergirl outfits. The simple white flowers against the rustic brown and blush pink shades look gorgeous too! Thanks for the photos, Arch & Vow Studio! Charmaine: “As my family is the master franchiser of Baskin Robbins, I literally grew up with the brand, and my husband used to call me ‘Baskin-Robbins’ instead of my name before we began dating. Pink and brown are the theme colours…

  • Photo by Axioo. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    A Wedding With A Thousand Guests Planned In Less Than 3 Months

    It’s hard to believe that one can plan a wedding with a thousand guests in less than three months, but this bride managed to do that, thanks in large part to the fact that her groom, Michael, is the owner of the biggest event organising, decorating and design agency in Bandung, Indonesia. Check out their sets and props! Thanks, Axioo, for giving us a look at this wedding.

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    A Wedding Ceremony At Intercontinental Singapore

    Multifolds posted this wedding invitation many months back and it has definitely left an impression. Our expectations for the wedding were high and we are so glad it did not disappoint. It even had its own twists and fun, including “missing wedding rings”! Sometimes we can’t help but feel that weddings have become over-commercialised and have lost their meaning, but couples like Jeri and Bern remind us that there’s still hope. This couple carefully designed, printed and folded each of their invitations, and their wedding favours were so thoughtful we’re sure their guests felt their sincerity and love. One of their most memorable moments came when the couple pretended during…

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    1950s Vintage Coke Theme

    If you don’t already know, we don’t plan weddings. We love weddings and all things beautiful. Our desire is to see weddings in this region rise to greater heights. We understand that not everyone has the budget to splurge on their big day, but creativity bursts forth when your resources are limited. That is why many of our favourite weddings this year are DIY. Chaiyen, one of our team, took the opportunity of her sister’s wedding to show us exactly how we can maneuver the budget and personalise a wedding with small details. These lovely photos are taken by WeiMin and Chris Teoh. Photo by Chris Teoh Chaileng: “I do…

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    Boho Chic

    About 280 guests gathered for the wedding of these two photographers, Mildred and Marlon. Decorated with beautiful vintage paraphernalia, the reception was everything the couple wanted – the perks of working in the wedding industry and having friends who understood exactly what they wanted for their wedding. Mildred: “We wanted to have a very laidback wedding; something that’s not too formal and constricted. A bohemian wedding with a touch of vintage was outright perfect for our personalities. It’s a good thing working in the wedding industry has its perks. We were able to work not only with colleagues but people from the industry whom we already consider friends. Because of…

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    Colourful Bohemian-Themed Wedding

    We are falling in love with the wedding scene in the Philippines. Here’s a bohemian-themed wedding with a fun spectrum of colours that is filled with personal touches and yet is elegant. We adore the Polaroid seating cards featuring photos of famous on- and off-screen couples. And did we mention that the bride is Gizelle, one of the main forces behind Cuckoo Cloud Concepts? This wedding, carefully framed and presented by Marlon Capuyan Photography, will definitely light up a mundane week. Gizelle: “I have always injected a little boho into my life despite being in the city. When I met Harry, he was a bit uptight. Over the years, we’ve…

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    Destined To Be Wed

    On their first date, Rob and Kim discovered something magical – they were both born on November 10th, exactly a decade apart. This is an excerpt from their wedding ceremony introduction: “Before the entrée arrived, Kim had told Rob that she was going to marry him, and Rob had totally concurred, being quite clear that he loved her wholeheartedly and wanted to be with her and look after her for the rest of his life. “So it was settled then. They meshed together like well-synchronised cogs. Relaxed about their decision, they set about enjoying the process of getting to know each other better, secure in the mutual agreement that they…

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    Green Vintage

    This wedding truly is a celebration of friends and loved ones. From the wedding planning by good friend Theodora Soh to the invitations and stationery, from the flowers and décor to the cakes and desserts, everything was put together by friends of the bridal couple. How very blessed they are to have been showered with so much help from family and friends. Besides the beautiful details, we also love the people and the emotions that were captured. You can almost hear the music, the tears and the laughter. And looking at all the photos and watching the video, you realise that is exactly what it was like. Charlene: “Standing outside…

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    Behind Closed Doors

    Regine and Joey are clearly not your typical couple. When we first found out about the venue, we couldn’t wait to see what their engagement party would be like. Fat Spoon Café evokes a warm feeling of nostalgia. Most people probably wouldn’t do much to its beautiful mix of raw and retro aesthetics for fear of ruining it, but the couple’s added touches were seamless. Regine’s DIY bridal bouquet was a masterpiece in itself, created from hair accessories that she had started collecting from way before. The couple also had everyone beaming from ear to ear when they served custom-flavoured ice sticks that were labelled with each of their guest’s…