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    Website www.mary-kyri.com / Online Store Mary-Kyri / Facebook Mary-Kyri / Instagram @MaryKyri / Twitter @MaryKyri / Email info[at]mary-kyri.com / Contact Number +61 422 388 898 / Address PO Box 123 Henley Beach, South Australia 5022 In March 2006, the first ever Mary-Kyri collection made entirely in Italy, ‘Virago’, was released in Australia and New Zealand. The collection featured 10 different designs, one in particular, the ‘Elisav’, becoming the brand’s signature design that is released every summer. Since then, the brand has developed an international reputation for producing beautiful and distinct high-fashion stilettos, flats, sandals and boots that are also extremely comfortable. And to complete their range, a Bridal and Evening…

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    Alison Mayfield Photography Studio

    Website www.alisonmayfield.com / Facebook Ali Mayfield Photography / Instagram @alimayfieldphotography / Twitter @alisonmayfield / Email studio[at]alisonmayfield.com / Contact Number +61 400 981 994 / Based in Melbourne, Victoria Alison Mayfield is a highly respected professional wedding photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. Alison’s style shows a journalistic approach to weddings, laid-back and documentary-like. She also brings her love of fashion into her portraits. >

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    Ben Yew Photography

    Website www.benyew.com / Facebook Ben Yew Photography / Instagram @benyewphotography / Twitter @benyew / Email info[at]benyew.com / Contact Number +61 403 928 314 / Address PO Box 4032, Bunbury East, WA 6230 Ben Yew Photography is about more than just fine art photography; it is about creating the “finest moments” and the ability to capture luminous and dreamy, light-filled images of unscripted love. Allow your story and life experiences to be told in the most romantic and genuine form, through fine art imagery that has been widely featured and internationally awarded. {Get to know your photographer: An interview with Ben Yew. Read now} >

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    Cavanagh Photography

    Website www.cavanaghphotography.com.au / Facebook Cavanagh Photography / Instagram @cavanaghphotography / Twitter @AdamCavanagh / Email info[at]cavanaghphotography.com / Based in Central Coast, New South Wales Cavanagh Photography is based on the Central Coast of NSW in Australia. His style can best be described as photojournalistic – capturing real, unscripted, candid moments on your wedding day. Photographer Adam Cavanagh shoots weddings all over Australia and internationally. >

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    Jenny Sun Photography

    Website www.jennysunblog.com / Facebook Jenny Sun Photography / Instagram @jennysun / Twitter @jennysunphoto / Email info[at]jennysunphotography.com / Based in Sydney, New South Wales and Kuala Lumpur A traveller at heart and a total romantic, Sydney-based Jenny Sun fell in love with photography in 2000, eventually finding her true passion in people and weddings. She feels there’s just something magically arresting about capturing people, expressions and emotions within the frame, and loves the buzz of being there to seize those special moments that people will carry with them for the rest of their lives. Her clients have flown her all over the globe to take pictures, including Australia, Malaysia, New York,…

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    Jonathan Ong

    Website www.jonathanong.com / Facebook Jonathan Ong Visual Storytelling / Instagram @jonong / Email hello[at]jonathanong.com / Based in Melbourne, Victoria Jonathan Ong – The curator of honest moments. Having grown up with art and literature, and formally trained as a Communication Designer, Jon finally found his ideal in photographs. To him, they are the best expressions of people: emotions, thoughts and tales. His favourite stories are those that are the most honest – joyous occasions with a personal touch. “To watch couples throw parties for loved ones, as friends and family celebrate a union from which all tomorrows start,” he says. “Each is always unique to the wedded dreamers and those…

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    Samuel Goh Photography

    Website www.samuelgoh.com / Facebook Samuel Goh, Photographer / Instagram @samuelgoh / Email hello[at]samuelgoh.com / Contact Number +65 9868 5836 / Based in Perth and Singapore Samuel Goh is a fine art portrait and wedding photographer who focuses on an honest storytelling of the relationships he photographs. In the short amount of time that he spends with each couple, Samuel encourages them to have fun yet remember the reasons why they fell in love in the first place. While each couple’s story is often too great to tell through a single photoshoot, he hopes to at least capture a fraction of it through those split seconds frozen in time. Hopefully, those…

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    Sayher Heffernan

    Website www.sayherheffernan.com / Facebook Sayher Heffernan / Instagram @sayherheffernan / Email sayher[at]sayherheffernan.com / Based in Melbourne, Victoria Armed with a passion for travelling and exploring, Sayher shot his first wedding about six years ago and is loving the opportunities he’s given to capture people’s special days. His style of photography brings out a candid and natural feel to your big day, while his attention to detail and camera skills ensure that the important moments aren’t missed out. {Get to know your photographer: An interview with Sayher Heffernan. Read now} >

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    Steven Cheah Photography

    Website www.stevencheahphotography.com / Facebook Steven Cheah Photography / Instagram @stevencheahphotography / Twitter @stevecheahphoto / Email steve[at]stevencheahphotography.com / Contact Number +61 411 777 751 / Based in Perth Steven Cheah Photography aims to capture all the important moments that tell a much larger story. He wants couples to remember how they felt in those particular moments of their lives, and so he seeks to define and express their love in new ways through emotion, sincerity and a little artistic creativity. >

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    Tealily Photography

    Website www.tealilyphotography.com / Facebook Tealilyphotography / Instagram @tealilyweddings / Email info[at]tealilyphotography.com / Contact Number +61 402 786 129 / Based in Sydney, New South Wales Trish and Joel, the team behind Tealily Photography, are true believers of love in its purest forms. “God to humankind, husband and wife, and parent to child. There is no greater joy than witnessing these relationships, and celebrating their existence with those who have let us share in these treasured moments,” says Trish. Dreamers, lovers and storytellers all in one, this is the approach they bring to each assignment that comes their way – capturing life as it happens, carefree and effortless, just as it…

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    Wedding Gallery Studio

    Website www.weddinggallery.net.au / Instagram @weddinggallerystudio / Email info[at]weddinggallery.net.au / Contact Number +61 430 470 672 / Based in Sydney Co-created by husband and wife team Evan and Clair, the Wedding Gallery Studio team loves to meet new people and make new friends. More importantly, they love to hear about and capture stories, and being invited to share in the best – and most important – days of your lives fills them with joy. They don’t want to get in the way or tell you what to do; they just want to be there to record the memories that you will treasure for the rest of your life. >

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    Yummy Cupcakes and Cakes

    Website www.yummycupcakes.com.au / Facebook Yummy Cupcakes and Cakes / Instagram @yummycupcakesau / Twitter @yummycupcakesau / Email info[at]yummycupcakes.com.au / Contact Number +61 412 349 579 / Address Shop 2, 160 Flinders Street, Paddington, New South Wales 2021 Every cake is a yummy new adventure, whether it’s a wedding cake, birthday cake or gorgeous little cupcake. Yummy Cupcakes and Cakes create designer cakes for any special occasion. Let them put the tastiest finishing touches to your next event. >