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    All Season – Photo

    Facebook All Season Photography / Instagram @allseasonsphoto / Email info[at]allseason-photo.com / Contact Number +62 31 561 1306, +62 812 490 49 550 / Address Chris Kencana, Jalan Kencana Sari Timur XI / B1, 60221 Surabaya With a motto of celebrating life through their lens and turning passion into pictures, All Season – Photo have a very colourful and fun approach to capturing moments and framing each shot well. >

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    Angga Permana Photography

    Website www.anggapermanaphoto.com / Facebook Angga Permana Photography / Instagram @anggapermanaphoto / Email info[at]anggapermanaphoto.com / Contact Number +62 819 990 0964 / Based in Denpasar, Bali He’s a destination and Bali wedding photographer who’s fairly new but we love how he captures real and honest moments. You can feel the emotions and intimacy of the people present. One can only imagine the potential of this chap. >

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    Apel Photography

    Website www.apelphotography.com / Facebook APEL | Photography / Instagram @apelphotography / Twitter @Pakapel / Email baliphotografi[at]yahoo.com / Contact Number +62 852 3707 4041 / Address Jalan Anyelir, Gang Rama IIIA, No. 24, Denpasar, Bali 80237 Pande Kadek fell in love with the art of photography in early 2008, and has been capturing his travels through photos ever since because he feels that it is a privilege to witness such spectacular views and events. Having started out as a graphic designer and journalism photographer, he has won several photography awards. {Get to know your photographer: An interview with Apel Photography. Read now} >

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    Website www.axioo.com / Facebook Axioo / Instagram @axioo / Twitter @axioo / Email info[at]axioo.com / Contact Number +62 812 941 10 288, +62 811 993 1171 (Jakarta), +62 878 6280 1950 (Bali) / Based in Jakarta and Bali Axioo is made up of a group of passionate young people – photographers, videographers, designers, editors and stylists – working together to create beautiful masterpieces. Every day they step into Axioo House feeling inspired – ignited by passion, fuelled by laughter, challenged by creativity. They are fascinated by love stories and mesmerised by the twinkle of an eye, sincerity of a smile and miracle of a hug. It’s how they create pages…

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    Danny Halim artPhotography

    Website www.danny-halim.com / Facebook Danny Halim Productions / Instagram @dannyhalim / Twitter @danny_halim / Email dannyhalim.bali[at]yahoo.com / Contact Number +62 851 0708 0088, +62 813 3700 0038 / Address Jalan Cokroaminoto 200, Denpasar, Bali 80116 Danny Halim artPhotography will help you translate your most special moments with your loved ones into everlasting, amazing photographs through their artistic, wedding photojournalism style. Providing customisation and flexibility, they create pictures that capture your love, whether it’s a sweet smile from the love of your life, tears of happiness from your family, or your love story itself. >

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    Website www.diktatphotography.com / Facebook Diktat photography / Instagram @diktatphotography / Email dp[at]diktatphotography.com / Contact Number +62 813 3758 0085, +62 811 399 8872 / Based in Denpasar, Bali A professional lifestyle and wedding photographer who’s especially good with sunlight and photos taken in natural surroundings, his ability to capture emotions and the connection between two people is just beautiful. >

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    Evermotion Photography

    Website www.evermotionphoto.com / Facebook Evermotionphoto / Instagram @evermotionphoto / Email evermotionphoto[at]gmail.com / Contact Number +62 857 3753 0201 / Based in Legian – Kuta, Bali Photographers who create honest imagery through human connections and touch, they believe that every person has their own beauty, and that each person who is connected to another by love creates something that lasts for generations. They are based in Bali, Indonesia, but are willing to travel worldwide for shoots. >

  • Fire, Wood & Earth
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    Fire, Wood & Earth

    Website www.firewoodandearth.com / Facebook fire, wood & earth life documenter / Instagram @firewoodandearth / YouTube fire, wood & earth life documenter / Email firewoodandearth[at]hotmail.com / Contact Number +62 811 210 2011 / Based in Ungasan, Bali Fire, Wood & Earth is the brainchild of Andre Lesmana, a destination photographer who is currently living in Bali. He loves being out and about in nature, and believes in capturing little gestures and natural moments between two people without exaggerations. Expect photos that are down to earth and honest, because as far as he is concerned, that’s what makes the story real. {Get to know your photographer: An interview with Andre Lesmana of Fire,…

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    Website www.iluminen.com / Facebook Iluminen / Instagram @iluminen / Email contact[at]iluminen.com / Contact Number +62 8770 0170 777 / Based in Bali and Jakarta Iluminen is a team of quirky wedding photographers based in Bali and Jakarta. As visual storytellers, they value the simplicity of raw emotion and candid intimacy. Your stories are the heart of their photographs.  {Get to know your photographer: An interview with Indra of Iluminen. Read now} >

  • JIWA Photography
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    JIWA Photography

    Website www.jiwaphotography.com / Facebook JIWA Photography / Instagram @jiwaphotography / Email info[at]jiwaphotography.com / Contact Number +62 819 9998 1984 / Address 34 Jalan Seruni, Denpasar, Bali 80236, Indonesia JIWA Photography is a team of Bali-based wedding photographers whose style combines fine art and photojournalism. In the same way that “jiwa” means immortal essence or soul in Sanskrit, they aim to capture and immortalise your happy and special moments so that you can relive those memories forever. >

  • Punyan Photography
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    Punyan Photography

    Website www.punyanphoto.com / Facebook Punyan Photography / Instagram @punyanphoto / Email inquiry.punyanphoto[at]gmail.com / Contact Number +62 8193 3051 918 / Address Jalan Raya Cemagi, Mengwi Badung, Badung, Bali Punyan Photo are two wedding photographers in Bali who share the same passion: capturing the biggest day in most people’s lives, their wedding. Their philosophy is simple: they want to be like a tree; even though the roots seem small and fragile, they are able to support the entire tree. In the same way, Punyan Photo might just be two humble photographers, but they hope to capture extraordinary images through their work. [instagram-feed id=”2125626054″ num=15 cols=3 showheader=false showfollow=false showbutton=’false’] >

  • Sheerss. Indonesia wedding photographer. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    Website www.sheerss.com / Facebook Sheerss / Instagram @sheerss_id / YouTube SHEERSS / Email contact[at]sheerss.com / Contact Number +62 811 642 467 / Address Jl. Thamrin No. 172 Medan, Sumatera Utara, Indonesia A young and exuberant team, Sheerss is fearless when it comes to creating heartfelt work. Using all of their senses, especially their eyes and hearts, they aim to capture the chemistry in each relationship and transform it into artwork that you will keep for many years to come. >