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    39 East Photography

    Website www.39eastimages.com / Facebook 39 East Photography / Instagram @39east / Twitter @39voices / Email info[at]39eastimages.com / Contact Number +65 6299 0348 / Address CT Hub, 2 Kallang Avenue, #09-17, Singapore 339407 The award winning photographers at 39 East believe that each and every wedding is different. Photographing every wedding in an unobtrusive manner to reflect each couple’s uniqueness is the trademark of images created by 39 East. Besides capturing moments, the photographers’ style is defined by beautiful images with simple compositions. With office branches in California and Singapore, the photographers of 39 East shoot assignments all over the world and keep abreast of the latest trends in wedding photography.…

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    Website www.36framesweddings.com / Facebook 36frames photo | video / Instagram @36framesweddings / Email weddings[at]36frames.com / Contact Number +65 9857 3665 / Address 14D Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089121 36frames’ approach is to craft beautiful memories, moments that are as real today as they will be 20 years later. Their goal is to create, from the vibrant, energetic and emotional wedding day, a distilled living, breathing greatness of the human experience. They want their images to be as unique as each and every couple featured in them. [instagram-feed id=”1712910872″ num=15 cols=3 showheader=false showfollow=false showbutton=’false’] >

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    Acapella Photography

    Website www.acapella.sg / Facebook Acapella Photography / Instagram @acapellaphotography / Email joe[at]acapella.sg / Contact Number +65 8128 1225 / Address 30 Kuo Chuan Ave, Singapore 426926 Founder Joe Teng has managed to integrate both his talent in landscape photography and his interest in weddings to create a most distinctive perspective. His pictures possess a postmodern romantic flavour, classic in its elegance and breathtakingly unique in its graphic stylistic elements. The smiling expectancy of the groom, the resplendent allure of the bride, every grin and chuckle – all will be captured by Joe. He occupies the role of ardent observer, whilst professionally capturing for eternity the most special moments of a…

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    Andri Tei Photography

    Website www.andritei.com / Facebook Andri Tei Photography / Instagram @andritei / Email info[at]andritei.com / Contact Number +65 8138 2712 / Based in Singapore A street photographer turned wedding photographer, Andri did not discover his passion for weddings until 2011 when he shot his first major wedding. It’s the satisfaction of being able to capture raw, passionate and quirky moments that motivates him and makes him look forward to every shoot. His style is very much a marriage of traditional journalistic photography with a naturalistic touch. This ties in with his belief that every wedding is unique and naturally beautiful, and that it is up to the photographer to discover and…

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    Avior Pictures

    Website www.aviorpictures.com / Facebook Avior Pictures / Email askus[at]aviorpictures.com / Contact Number +65 9456 1174 / Address 42D North Canal Road, Singapore 059298 Avior Pictures understand that when people are in a comfortable environment doing familiar things, their photos will also look more natural and radiate more of their personalities. Their unique style of photography, which has won them many international honours and accolades, leans towards the non-traditional and dynamic as they tell the story of a couple, their relationship, and some of the things that bring them great joy while together. >

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    Awesome Memories Photography

    Website www.awesomememories.com.sg / Facebook Awesome Memories Photography / Instagram @awesomememoriesphotography / Email love[at]awesomememories.com.sg / Contact Number +65 9297 4582 While planning her own wedding, Michelle fell in love with all the beautiful and creative things that have to do with weddings, especially the intricate, pretty details. It was also then that she discovered her passion for shooting this subject called ‘love’, and chose to pursue wedding photography. The greatest part about being a wedding photographer is the way each couple opens up about their love story to her, allowing Michelle to step into their world and document their love. Every love story is unique in its own way, and she…

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    Bloc Memoire Photography

    Website www.blocmemoire.com / Facebook Bloc Memoire Photography / Instagram @blocmemoirephotography / Email bloc.memoire[at]gmail.com / Contact Number +65 9664 0159 A husband and wife team, Guan Hui and Silvia love travelling, cooking, food, coffee, movies and meeting wonderful people. Their photography style is clean and sincere with a romantic flair, and they are especially great with outdoor photography, combining unique ideas, thoughtful details and captured emotions. {Get to know your photographer: An interview with Bloc Memoire Photography. Read now} >

  • Photographer in Singapore. Bobby Kiran Photography
    Photographers,  Singapore

    Bobby Kiran Photography

    Website www.bobbykiranco.com / Facebook Bobby Kiran Photography / Instagram @bobbykiranyeo / Twitter @bobbykiranyeo / Email info[at]bobbykiranyeo.com / Contact Number +65 8484 4052 / Address 35 Kelantan Lane, Kim Hoe Point, #06-01D, Singapore 208652 Bobby Kiran Photography doesn’t believe in stuffy, rigid and painfully awkward portraits, because those moments should really be all about you! That is why their purpose is to unveil intricate emotions, capture candid smiles and evoke an all-round, memorable experience for you and your loved ones. >

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    Chris Ling International Photographers

    Website www.chrisling.com / Facebook The Privilege Of Chris Ling International / Instagram @chrislingphotography / Email enquiries[at]chrisling.com / Contact Number +65 6220 5600 (Singapore), +852 2156 1933 (Hong Kong) / Address 50 Saunders Road, Singapore 228280 and 8/F CEO Tower, 77 Wing Hong Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong Having started in Singapore in 1993, Chris introduced fashion photography to what would otherwise be conventional wedding portraiture. Today, they feature the work of professionals in the areas of portrait and wedding photography, while the company has also expanded into international talent management, with four subsidiaries and plans to further grow within Asia. >

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    Website www.thegaleria.com / Facebook thegaleria / Instagram @thisisthegaleria / Twitter @thegaleria / Email info[at]thegaleria.com / Contact Number +65 9793 5980 With more than a decade of experience under his belt, film wedding photorapher Brian Ho is certainly no stranger to the world of wedding photojournalism. His unique blend of unscripted wedding photography is the cornerstone of his approach, resulting in images that are raw, real, and above all, true to the heart. As one of the few remaining photographers in this region who still shoot using old school analogue film, Brian’s black and white images are perhaps his most recognisable, and his work speaks for itself. In addition to being…

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    John Lim Photography

    Website www.johnlimphotography.com / Facebook John Lim Photography / Instagram @johnlimphotography / Twitter @JohnLimPhoto / Email enquiries[at]johnlimphotography.com / Contact Number +65 6223 7003, +65 9821 6091 / Address 41 Temple Street #02-01, Singapore 058586 Multiple award-winning photography from the heart. Having been in the wedding scene professionally since 2004, John has established himself as a sought-after wedding photographer with a sensitive and unique take when it comes to capturing the essence of his clients through his lens. Comprising a team of photographers and digital artists, John Lim Photography strives to offer their best in terms of service and photography, always with a personal touch. >

  • Juanmoley Fotologue. www.theweddingnotebook.com
    Photographers,  Singapore

    Juanmoley Fotologue

    Facebook Juanmoley Fotologue / Instagram @juanmoleyfotologue / Email photobyjuanmoley[at]gmail.com / Contact Number +65 8268 5363 / Based in Singapore A flight attendant for 13 years, Juan took a leap of faith when she dove into the world of photography. Her photos focus largely on capturing the beauty of human connections, with the use of dramatic shadows to emphasise raw, honest emotions. Besides her abiding passion for photography, Juan also loves pottery, music and a daily cup of coffee, and is an aspiring cat whisperer. >