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    Bliss & Glitz

    Website www.marbleandco.com.my / Facebook Marble & Co / Instagram @marbleandco.com.my / Email hello[at]marbleandco.com.my / Contact Number +6012 301 5650 / Based in Kuala Lumpur Named after the sound mums make when they playfully tickle their little ones, coochicoo was founded in early 2008 by Jo Kee Tan, a former advertising art director who quit after a decade in the industry to become a full-time mother. Riding on Coochicoo, the name that was built on birthday and fullmoon events, now she is ready to share her passion as the owner of Bliss & Glitz, which will make your wedding not just beautiful but meaningful too. >

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    Camellia Floral Studio

    Website www.camelliafloralstudio.com / Facebook Camellia Floral Studio / Email camelliafloralstudio[at]gmail.com Camellia Floral Studio conjures whimsical and original floral and décor designs for your wedding. Drawing inspiration from your preferences, they create weddings that are beautifully original and unquestionably meaningful. Besides providing breath-taking flowers, they will also style your wedding venue in every way possible. Their ultimate aim is to ensure that you can freely make fun choices throughout your planning with them, and be dazzled on your wedding day.

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    Website www.coochicoo.com.my / Facebook coochicoo : lilmama / Contact Number +6012 301 5650 / Based in Kuala Lumpur Named after the sound mums make when they playfully tickle their little ones, coochicoo was founded in early 2008 by Jo Kee Tan, a former advertising art director who quit after a decade in the industry to become a full-time mother. Initially started as a service that provides creative full-moon gift packs, coochicoo expanded in 2011 to include themed party planning and wedding planning. Their work is absolutely beautiful, which explains why they’re often booked way in advance. Coochicoo has been renamed to Bliss & Glitz

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    Cuckoo Cloud Concepts

    Website www.cuckoocloudconcepts.com / Facebook Cuckoo Cloud Concepts / Instagram @cuckoocloudconcepts / Email admin[at]cuckoocloudconcepts.com / Contact Number +63 998 848 8255 / Address Andres Abellana Street, Cebu City, 6000 Cuckoo Cloud Concepts specialises in quirky, charming, bohemian and vintage-inspired set designs and wardrobe styling for photoshoots, as well as event styling with a spoonful of handmade goodness. >

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    Darling Florist & Events Langkawi

    Website www.darlingflorist.com / Facebook Darling Florist & Events Langkawi / Instagram @darlingfloristlgk / Email info[at]darlingflorist.com / Contact Number +604 966 4533; +6012 476 3128 / Address 15 & 17 Jalan Kelibang, Langkaw Mall, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah Darling Florist & Events Langkawi has been styling, decorating and planning weddings and other special events since 1992. That’s 27 years of local experience! Led by the very creative Annie Chai, this small and highly skilled team is passionate about making things beautiful. >

  • Daun and Petals. Wedding florist.
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    Daun & Petals

    Website www.daunpetals.com / Facebook Daun & Petals / Instagram @daun.petals / Email info[at]daunpetals.com / Address Residensi Fennel Sentul, 2 Jalan Amra, 51000 Kuala Lumpur Established by wildflower enthusiasts and self-taught designer florists, Cherlyn Tan and Claris Lew, Daun & Petals provides sophisticated bridal bouquets and one-of-a-kind wedding decorations. From curating statement bouquets with fresh blooms to decorating wedding venues, this dynamic duo always puts in 101% because they truly enjoy what they do. “The thing about weddings is that they happen once in a lifetime, so every detail counts! We enjoy visualising the desired wedding themes with our customers, and then making their dreams come true. It’s an unspeakable sense…

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    Facebook Dayco / Instagram @dayco_inspirations / Email hilda[at]dayco.my / Based in Kuala Lumpur Helmed by a team of perfectionists with an innate flair for design and keen attention to detail, Dayco puts passion, creativity, heart and soul into their designs. From intimate weddings and black-tie corporate dinners to bridal showers, anniversary celebrations, birthday parties and even social events such as a dinner for ten, Dayco is able to craft thoughtful and bespoke embellishments that will set the perfect ambience, all to transform venues into exciting and engaging spaces, and create memories. By putting great effort into personalisation, they ensure that the details of your occasion will reflect your personality and…

  • Elisa Florals - Malaysia wedding florist. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    Elisa Florals

    Facebook Elisa Florals / Instagram @elisaflorals / Email elisalee1122[at]hotmail.com / Contact Number +6010 304 0808 (Elisa); +6017 250 9732 (Nelson) / Address 3 Jalan DU 5/5B Palmiera, Kinrara Residence 47180 Puchong, Selangor Photos by Jasmine. A Photography Artistic floral designers with a great eye for detail, Elisa Florals has the skill to make your Pinterest moodboard a reality. They’re a small team with great potential – as you will quickly discover when you see their work. >

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    Fiona Treadwell

    Photo by Smittenpixels Photography Website www.fionatreadwell.com / Facebook Fiona Treadwell / Instagram @fionatreadwell / Email hello[at]fionatreadwell.com / Contact Number +65 9489 5775 / Based in Singapore Fiona Treadwell reads your flower vibes! Every girl deserves a bouquet that is true to who she is. At Fiona Treadwell, you will get not just flowers that are arranged to your liking, but also DIY items and crafts to complete a rustic look for any event. Photo by Android in Boots Photo by Android in Boots >

  • Florals by Benita
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    Florals by Benita

    Website www.floralsbybenita.com / Facebook Florals by Benita / Instagram @floralsbybenita / Email b[at]bybenita.com / Contact Number +65 8716 5961 / Based in Singapore Established by a journalist turned florist, Florals by Benita is an intimate flower house that specialises in customising romantic bouquets and arrangements with pops of whimsy and spunk. Not surprisingly, they have a soft spot especially for rustic weddings. >

  • Hanabi Flowers. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    Hanabi Flowers

    Facebook Hanabi flowers / Instagram @_hana.bi / Email enq.hanabi[at]gmail.com / Contact Number +6012 697 8983 / Based in Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru “Hana” means flower, and “bi” means fire. Together, “hanabi” means fireworks in Japanese. Creative and talented, the team at Hanabi Flowers are passionate about creating floral arrangements and other floral elements in different forms, providing their clients with simply beautiful things. >

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    Heaven In A Wild Flower

    Website www.heavenwildfleur.com / Facebook Heaven in a Wild Flower / Instagram @heavenwildfleur / Twitter @heavenwildfleur / Email hello[at]heavenwildfleur.com Heaven in a Wild Flower is a boutique event styling and vintage rental company specialising in creating beautiful occasions through inspirational design, gorgeous florals, handcrafted details and unique vintage items. They firmly believe that everyone should celebrate in style regardless of budget, and that everyday life should be filled with things that inspire us, and that bring us joy and beauty. Whether it’s inspiration you need, full-scale wedding styling and design, gorgeous floral décor or just a couple of props, Heaven in a Wild Flower is dedicated to helping you create the…