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  • Photographers,  Singapore

    Andri Tei Photography

    Website / Facebook Andri Tei Photography / Instagram @andritei / Email info[at] / Contact Number +65 8138 2712 / Based in Singapore A street photographer turned wedding photographer, Andri did not discover his passion for weddings until 2011 when he shot his first major wedding. It’s the satisfaction of being able to capture raw, passionate and quirky moments that motivates him and makes him look forward to every shoot. His style is very much a marriage of traditional journalistic photography with a naturalistic touch. This ties in with his belief that every wedding is unique and naturally beautiful, and that it is up to the photographer to discover and…

  • Malaysia,  Photographers

    Andy Phe Photography

    Facebook Andy Phe Photography / Instagram @andyphephotography / Email andy.phe[at] / Contact Number +6019 816 6069 / Address Lot 2455, No. 235 Jalan Sungai Maong Hilir, 93150 Kuching, Sarawak Specialising in photojournalistic wedding day photography, as well as engagement and bridal portraits, Andy Phe Photography comes armed with a large portfolio that includes Western, Chinese, Malay, Indian and Dayak weddings. He is very much sought after by clients for that personal touch that he adds to each of his photos. >

  • Indonesia,  Photographers

    Angga Permana Photography

    Website / Facebook Angga Permana Photography / Instagram @anggapermanaphoto / Email info[at] / Contact Number +62 819 990 0964 / Based in Denpasar, Bali He’s a destination and Bali wedding photographer who’s fairly new but we love how he captures real and honest moments. You can feel the emotions and intimacy of the people present. One can only imagine the potential of this chap. >

  • Malaysia,  Photographers


    Website / Facebook Anna-Rina Photography / Instagram @annarinaphoto / Twitter @annarina / Email anna.rina[at] / Based in Kuala Lumpur Less than five years since she began in the industry, bubbly Anna-Rina has already made her presence felt in the local photography scene with her emotive wedding photography, fun portrait sessions, as well as projects with local publications. Ever the optimist, she dedicates time and energy into making those close to her happy. That is clearly reflected in the photographs she takes, as she captures the best moments of people’s lives in beautiful photographs with an unconventional twist. {Get to know your photographer: An interview with Anna-Rina. Read now} >

  • Malaysia,  Photographers

    Anson’s Photography

    Website / Facebook Anson’s Photography – Wedding Photographer / Instagram @ansonsphotography / Vimeo KC Liaw / Email ansonsphotography[at] / Contact Number +6012 666 1423 / Based in Kuala Lumpur As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Your wedding is one of the most beautiful events that you can experience, and Anson’s Photography believes in making the photos of your special day unforgettable so you can feel the love, emotion, promise, memory, passion and joy of those precious moments. For them, your wedding day photos should be about turning the start of your new life into memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Indonesia,  Photographers

    Apel Photography

    Website / Facebook APEL | Photography / Instagram @apelphotography / Twitter @Pakapel / Email baliphotografi[at] / Contact Number +62 852 3707 4041 / Address Jalan Anyelir, Gang Rama IIIA, No. 24, Denpasar, Bali 80237 Pande Kadek fell in love with the art of photography in early 2008, and has been capturing his travels through photos ever since because he feels that it is a privilege to witness such spectacular views and events. Having started out as a graphic designer and journalism photographer, he has won several photography awards. {Get to know your photographer: An interview with Apel Photography. Read now} >

  • Photographers,  Singapore

    Avior Pictures

    Website / Facebook Avior Pictures / Email askus[at] / Contact Number +65 9456 1174 / Address 42D North Canal Road, Singapore 059298 Avior Pictures understand that when people are in a comfortable environment doing familiar things, their photos will also look more natural and radiate more of their personalities. Their unique style of photography, which has won them many international honours and accolades, leans towards the non-traditional and dynamic as they tell the story of a couple, their relationship, and some of the things that bring them great joy while together. >

  • Photographers,  Singapore

    Awesome Memories Photography

    Website / Facebook Awesome Memories Photography / Instagram @awesomememoriesphotography / Email love[at] / Contact Number +65 9297 4582 While planning her own wedding, Michelle fell in love with all the beautiful and creative things that have to do with weddings, especially the intricate, pretty details. It was also then that she discovered her passion for shooting this subject called ‘love’, and chose to pursue wedding photography. The greatest part about being a wedding photographer is the way each couple opens up about their love story to her, allowing Michelle to step into their world and document their love. Every love story is unique in its own way, and she…

  • Indonesia,  Photographers


    Website / Facebook Axioo / Instagram @axioo / Twitter @axioo / Email info[at] / Contact Number +62 812 941 10 288, +62 811 993 1171 (Jakarta), +62 878 6280 1950 (Bali) / Based in Jakarta and Bali Axioo is made up of a group of passionate young people – photographers, videographers, designers, editors and stylists – working together to create beautiful masterpieces. Every day they step into Axioo House feeling inspired – ignited by passion, fuelled by laughter, challenged by creativity. They are fascinated by love stories and mesmerised by the twinkle of an eye, sincerity of a smile and miracle of a hug. It’s how they create pages…

  • Australia,  Photographers

    Ben Yew Photography

    Website / Facebook Ben Yew Photography / Instagram @benyewphotography / Twitter @benyew / Email info[at] / Contact Number +61 403 928 314 / Address PO Box 4032, Bunbury East, WA 6230 Ben Yew Photography is about more than just fine art photography; it is about creating the “finest moments” and the ability to capture luminous and dreamy, light-filled images of unscripted love. Allow your story and life experiences to be told in the most romantic and genuine form, through fine art imagery that has been widely featured and internationally awarded. {Get to know your photographer: An interview with Ben Yew. Read now} >

  • Malaysia,  Photographers

    BestianKelly Photography

    Website / Facebook BestianKelly Photography / Twitter @bestiankelly / Email bestiankelly[at] / Contact Number +6012 448 2235 / Based in Kuala Lumpur BestianKelly Photography is passionate about capturing a couple’s most significant day — their wedding day — in a realistic, natural way, thus preserving the most important memories a couple could ever hold. To them, a truly meaningful photo is what matters most! Taking inspiring wedding pictures with their trademark photojournalistic style since 2009, BestianKelly Photography’s impeccable sense of timing helps them to capture the perfect details and natural beauty of each element of the wedding story.

  • Bitesize Visuals
    Malaysia,  Photographers

    Bitesize Visuals

    Website / Facebook Bitesize Visuals / Instagram @bitesize_visuals / Email info[at] / Based in Kuala Lumpur Bitesize Visuals adopts a simple, natural and journalistic style of photography. Their approach of capturing a well balanced mix of candid moments and interactions between the couple means they go beyond just photographing a wedding; they tell your story through the moments, expressions and interactions captured on your most important day. They also believe in getting to know clients on a more personal level to put them at ease and to hear their thoughts, because at Bitesize Visuals, it’s about creating your visual legacy and celebrating life with you. >