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10 Mistakes Brides Commit

Photo by Metrophoto. 10 Mistakes Brides Commit. www.theweddingnotebook.com

Photo by Metrophoto

Brides are normally afraid to trouble too many people for their own wedding. They keep everything to themselves and think that on their wedding day, someone will magically make everything they have imagined come to pass. Here are 10 common mistakes that brides make:

#01 Not hiring a wedding planner or coordinator

Yes, they might be a bit pricey, but you will be thankful for their help and professional advice. There’s no need to repeat the mistakes that other brides have made. If you’re not hiring one, please make sure you loop the person-in-charge in with everything that’s going on at least a month before your big day so she knows exactly what you want.

#02 An all-in-one wedding theme

There are a lot of pretty things on Pinterest so learn to fine-tune the things you like and see if they’re applicable. Not everything will work together with your venue and gown, and doing too many things will just be overkill.

#03 Forgetting the real meaning behind your wedding day

Your wedding day is supposed to be a beautiful celebration of you and your groom’s love in front of your family and friends. Keep that in mind at all times. Never compare your wedding to others’; yours is special because no one else has a love story like yours.

#04 Not involving your husband-to-be

If you keep on rejecting his ideas, he will soon become uninterested and that’s the last thing you want. Remember that it’s his wedding too, and you want him to feel that he, too, played a part in making it all happen.

#05 Making major changes

Please do not get a new haircut the week before your wedding. Avoid dyeing your hair a new colour and while we’re at it, don’t try any new beauty products in the final month leading up to your big day.

#06 Wanting to please everyone

You’ll merely end up with the longest guest list and more bridesmaids than you can count. You really don’t need to invite everybody; see how you can trim your guest list here. You also don’t need to make all your girlfriends your bridesmaids. If they’re your true friends, they won’t be offended by such things. Make sure you have your own opinions and ideas; please never wear a dress just because everyone else thinks you look good in it.

#07 Breaking your wedding budget

There’s a reason why you made a budget in the first place. You have to be willing to let go of some things, especially if you’re increasing the cost of something else. Always have a miscellaneous column because the little things can add up.

#08 Embarrassing your husband in public

It’s not funny and even if he forgives you, his best friends might not. A man’s pride is very important to him, whether he’ll admit it or not, so give him the respect he deserves.

#09 Wearing new shoes

Surely you do not want to be left with blisters halfway through your wedding day. We encourage brides to wear their new shoes at home (to keep them clean) for at least a week, just so you can break them in and get used to walking around in them.

#10 Forgetting about date nights

Make sure you and your husband-to-be has days (or nights) where you don’t talk about the wedding at all. Not only is this crucial for your future marriage, you also don’t want him to think that spending time with you is no longer fun.


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