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7 Wedding Trends From Abroad That We Should Start Adapting


Photo by Taylor Lord Photography

Photo by Taylor Lord Photography from The Wedding Notebook

Most couples say this is one of the most memorable moments of their wedding day. Couples often get lost in the ceremony of it all, especially if they have a huge wedding reception, so why not steal 15 minutes for just the both of you?

We’ve heard of couples exchanging cards or something meaningful in the morning before the wedding ceremony begins. Sometimes it is just a note to affirm the other of their love; sometimes it is the wedding vows written down.

Quality is better than quantity. Choose a dress that you really love, and focus on looking good in that one dress – unless of course you need an after party dress to dance in.

Instead of spending money on wedding favours that your guests won’t use, why not use it for a real wedding cake that looks great and tastes even better, or maybe even a dessert table?

Champagne with the bridesmaids, poker sessions with the groomsmen, bridal party photo sessions… Plan your time wisely, and make sure you do something special with those near and dear to you. They’re worth it, especially those who have flown in from afar for your wedding.

The reason we see so many beautiful weddings in barns and rustic places overseas is often because those couples don’t have a big budget for their venue. Think out of the box – your wedding venue could be a café, school, warehouse, park, or even your own backyard.

Asian fathers are not very good at expressing themselves, but which father does not love his child? Do the father daughter dance, and use that time to thank your father for all that he has done for you. It could end up being one of the most beautiful moments of your wedding day.

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