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9 Wedding Trends That Will Not Work In Asia

9 Wedding Trends And Practices That Will Not Work In Asia. www.theweddingnotebook.com

Photo by Harmony Lynn Photography

Photo by Harmony Lynn Photography

Small, intimate weddings
Over in the West, couples don’t even invite their extended family. It would be rather hard for us to do that, so your only option is to have a separate reception if you want a more intimate time with the people you actually care about.

The speeches
When you have a 100 pax wedding, getting your Best Man and Maid of Honour to give speeches is fun and heartwarming. But when you have 400 guests, it is actually quite awkward for your Best Man and Maid of Honour if most of the guests are focused on eating and ignore them. Drop it! Save your speeches for a smaller group setting.

RSVP cards
Don’t bother; chances are your guests won’t return them, even if there’s a stamp attached. Save the trees, and call your guests for their RSVPs instead.

Dance floor
Most dance floors empty out after just one song, so unless you have lots of alcohol ready and a bridal party that’s up for a groove, don’t have a dance floor. Unless you’re at the beach – for some reason, dance floors work better at a beach venue.

Place cards
We wouldn’t bother with this either, unless you have a really small wedding. Guests often swap seats, and sometimes they even swap tables.

Suiting up for a beach wedding
We can’t help but notice the sweat patches on the poor groom and his groomsmen, and it’s not a good look! Make sure everyone is dressed in something that’s more suitable for our climate, or at the very least, in dark colours.

Tossing the bridal bouquet
Perhaps it’s because your guests don’t want to appear as if they are desperate to get married, because it doesn’t work. Either drop it, or be creative – like the bride who put a hundred dollar bill in her bouquet.

Nice centrepieces for each table
This could end up costing a bomb, so maybe just decorate the tables by the aisle. People won’t remember it anyway, so unless you have money to splurge on centrepieces, don’t do it.

Black gowns and other bridal trends
Black for a bridal gown still raises eyebrows, though you might be able to get away with it for your reception. As for the almost nude look, you might want to check with your parents and future in-laws first. Honestly, we feel the modest look is still the most timeless.

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