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Should I Hire A Wedding Planner, Event Stylist or Florist?

This post is an attempt to break down for you the differences between a wedding planner, event stylist and florist. Whom you should hire ultimately boils down to the scale of your wedding, your theme, your budget and how much time you have.

#01 Wedding Planner
Wedding Planners coordinate everything, right down to the programmes, and some will even handle RSVPs for you. Traditionally, the planner will connect you with all the vendors, such as decorators and florists, who will be able to achieve the look you desire.

Wedding Planner and Event Styling by MY Wedding Planner / Photo by Gallerie CK

However, there’s now a new breed of planners who are able to conceptualise and style a wedding, which is perfect for those who don’t know what they want and simply want a fuss-free celebration. Of course it will come with a price tag, but don’t hesitate to check anyway.

Wedding Planner and Event Styling by The Peak Xperience

Wedding Planner and Event Styling by The Wedding Stylist

Wedding Planner and Event Styling by Mint Events & Soirees

#02 Event Stylist Or Decorator
An event stylist will conceptualise a highly personalised theme and style for you; however, they do not handle the day’s programme, which means you will need to hire a coordinator for the wedding itself. For the sake of continuity, you can also get the event stylist to set up candy or dessert tables, including all the nice, personalised printables and prop rentals. Prices depend on the scale of the work, and some also do smaller-scale styling for bridal portraits. Believe it or not, sometimes the cost can be cheaper than that of the flowers.

Event Styling by Georgeous Occasions / Photo by Jonathan Ong Photography

Event Styling by coochicoo / Photo by Memoir Click Studio

#03 Stationer
Different stationers offer different services. Some only do invitations and printed goods, which they will hand to you straight from the printer. Others handle all the little details for you as well, including cake toppers and materials. Some stationers also double up as decorators and will be able to set up your venue for you – do not ever think that you, as the bride, will have time to set up on the actual day.

Event Styling and Printables by Weekendiminlove

#04 Florist
If you know exactly what you want, get a stationer to sort out the printed things, then channel most of the budget into lots of flowers. If you just want something simple, go directly to the florist. Remember that simple doesn’t mean cheap because flowers are pricey to begin with, but the florist will also be able to sort out jar rental and all that sort of thing according to your theme. Ultimately, no matter whom you hire, you will probably still need to work with a florist for your bridal bouquet, boutonnieres and corsages.

Tip: Some venues offer a florist package, so if you are happy with their portfolio, then do your research and tell them what flowers and style you like. Don’t be afraid to show them examples, and know that you might need to top up the price a little to attain the look you want. If your venue is a hotel and you do not like their work at all, exchange the florist package for something else, for e.g. rooms or champagne. If that can’t be done, then get them to do just the basics – bridesmaids’ bouquets, flowers for your parents, flowers for the guests’ tables, etc. – and bring in your own florist for the rest.

Flowers and Decor by Mirage Flowers

Flowers and Decor by Wishing Tree

Flowers by A&E KL

#05 DIY
If budget is an issue, you can consider doing everything yourself and just get a coordinator or decorator to help you with set up on the day. Never, ever think that you will be able to do anything on your wedding day, and neither should you do everything yourself in advance and pass it all to someone later on. It will be quite hard for that person to understand what you’re trying to do and how you would like everything set up. For your coordinator or decorator, get someone who’s organised and who has a great eye for detail.

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