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How To Protect Your Wedding Angpow Box


The recent case of a stolen angpow box is a reminder of what could happen if you’re not careful on your big day. This is definitely not how you would want to remember your wedding, so be sure to take these precautionary steps to ensure the same doesn’t happen to you.

#01 Keep the money box out of sight

Do not put the money box on the table for all to see. Instead, put it in between your helpers and make sure they are seated with their backs against the wall.

#02 Leave out the details

Never write down the name of the person in charge of counting the angpow money on your itinerary, as that will likely be passed around to vendors. Keep that information within your inner circle.

#03 Count your money fast

Once the bride has made her entrance, get 2-5 trusted friends or extended family members to help with the counting of the angpow money. Pre-arrange a secure room for this, and get two guys to accompany all of you for extra protection.

#04 Get rid of the money if you can

Make as many payments as you can on the actual day once you have counted all the angpow money to reduce the amount you are carrying.

#05 Keep it low profile

If it’s not an overly big amount, entrust the money to a family member, ideally someone who isn’t helping out in other areas and who won’t be moving about the entire evening. Also, keep the money in a discreet bag or paper bag.

#06 Stash it at the venue

If you’re anticipating a large amount of money, check with the venue in advance to see if they can provide a safe. Make sure you count the money in front of the staff before putting it into the safe, and have them sign an acknowledgment of the amount.


#01 You should not keep the money in your hotel room because any number of staff members are able to access the room. If anything goes missing, it will be difficult to identify the culprit.

#02 Don’t keep the money with you overnight and check out with it the next morning – it makes you an easy and vulnerable target. The person in charge should bank in all the money at the first opportunity and decide what to do with it later.

#03 Avoid popular dates that are bound to see a lot of weddings. We’ve even heard of cases where thieves stole from more than one wedding at the same venue.

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