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Things You Can Do With The Wedding Party

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The wedding party has probably done a lot for you. You do not want them to feel that it was a chore to be your bridesmaids but an honour. You want to thank them and make them feel appreciated, that it was not just about “using” them. But how? Here are some ideas we picked up from real brides out there:

Breakfast over rituals

Just because everyone is doing it doesn’t mean you have to. If you feel that a particular ceremony holds no significance for you and your parents don’t mind, you can actually give some of those religious or cultural wedding practices a miss. One bride chose to start her wedding day with a scrumptious breakfast with her bridal party instead of the usual gate-crashing ceremony. They even had some prayer time together!

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Celebrate with champagne

Considering that your bridal party may have stayed up late and woke up early just for you, the last thing they’ll want is to have group photos taken under the hot sun. This bride actually prepared champagne for a toast with the bridal party before they did their photoshoot, which definitely lifted everyone’s mood. Brilliant idea.

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Have personal time

Consider spending some personal time with your girls or boys before walking down the aisle. Most girls prefer to have a cosy, intimate time of chatting and sharing while the guys might prefer a swim together or a round of poker. Whatever you decide, let your wedding party know in advance so they can prepare for it.

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Playing matchmaker

If you are thinking of matchmaking one of your bridesmaids with one of the groomsmen, don’t do it only on your wedding day. Delegating tasks that they can do together is perhaps the most effective way of bringing people together. Gathering everyone to DIY some of the wedding details is a great start.

Customised wedding gifts

Finally, if your friends really mean that much to you, then they deserve something nice – or at the very least, thoughtful – from you. This bride customised gifts and wrote personalised messages to her bridal party member.

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