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Wedding Planning with Pinterest

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Pinterest is a Virtual Pinboard that allows you to organise and collect all the beautiful things you find on the web. Brides-to-be around the world have been using Pinterest to plan their weddings as it is a useful tool for sourcing wedding ideas and inspirations, and it allows you to organise your finds into categories, which makes wedding planning a lot easier. Here are the steps to using Pinterest to plan your dream wedding.

#01 Join

Don’t have a Pinterest account? Sign up for one now. It is easy and free.

#02 Follow Us

Follow The Wedding Notebook’s Pinterest page for wedding ideas and inspirations. Our editorial team is always on the lookout for new ideas.

#03 Create Boards and Get Organised

The key to using Pinterest is to get organised. Instead of creating just one board titled “Wedding Ideas and Inspirations”, try creating several boards. This will make it easier for you to keep track of your ideas and inspirations. Here are some examples of boards you should create: –

Wedding Themes, Colour Themes, Venues, Photography Styles, Flowers & Décor, Bridal Gown, Bridesmaids’ Dresses, Groom’s Suits, Groomsmen’s Suits, Hair & Makeup Styles, Bridal Bouquet, Jewellery and Accessories, Art & Stationery, Cakes, Candy Buffets, Favours and Ideas.

#04 Search and Start Pinning

The best part about Pinterest is that there are already tens of thousands of wedding-related pictures for you to browse through and pin onto your board. And with the search function, Pinterest allows you to search for images that have been tagged with almost any word. The idea is to be specific when you are using the search function. Once you find a picture you like, all you need to do is click on it, and Pinterest will ask you which board you would like to add the picture to.

#05 Use the ‘Pin It’ Button

ost websites these days have a ‘Pin It’ button on their pictures. All the pictures on The Wedding Notebook website have a ‘Pin It’ button. If you find a picture of a wedding dress you like, just click the ‘Pin It’ button, and you will be able to add the picture to your bridal gown board.

#06 Share and Encourage Feedback

You can share your boards with the people you love as well as your wedding vendors. Imagine pinning images of bridesmaids’ dresses and sharing them with your bridesmaids. They’ll be able to view the images and give you their feedback. If you are going to be working closely with your wedding vendors, they will also be able to share their ideas and opinions with you.

#07 Edit Your Board

After you have created your boards and pinned pictures onto them, you can then start editing the boards to narrow down the images to the things you actually want. This means you can delete pins from your board that do not fit your wedding style.

#08 Shop for Wedding Stuff

Besides searching for ideas and inspiration, you can also browse for things to buy for your wedding on Pinterest.

#09 DIY

Want to have a DIY wedding? Pinterest is filled with DIY ideas and links to tutorials where existing Pinterest users have shared their DIY ideas. Browse through the DIY category in Pinterest to create your own one-of-a-kind wedding.

#10 Download the App

The days of lugging around tons and tons of wedding magazines for your wedding vendors’ reference are over. Download the Pinterest App here so you can access your boards while on the go. This will be a great app to have when meeting your bridal gown designer or your florist. Sometimes words are limited and easily misunderstood. On top of explaining what you want, it’s always good to show them some photos as well.

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