Destination Bridal Portraits Calendar


Photo by All Season – Photo

Axioo (Paulus)
20-29 January 2015

Edwin Tan Photographers
February 2015 (Shanghai, Dubai, Hokkaido**, Taiwan)
Price starting from MYR7,180

Gallerie CK
March 2015 (Kyoto, Bali)

Memoir Click Studio
March 2015 (Kyoto)

Axioo (Ivan)
30 March-10 April 2015

Axioo (Adi)
1-10 April 2015

Axioo (Jan)
6-23 April 2015

Studio Numb9r
9-15 April 2015 (Osaka, Kyoto)

Axioo (Ivan)
11-18 April 2015

Axioo (David)
29 April-8 May 2015

Multifolds Photography
April 2015 (Tokyo)

Axioo (Ivan)
17-27 August 2015
2-13 November 2015

Edwin Tan Photographers
November 2015 (Kyoto, Seoul**, Jeju Island)
Price starting from MYR7,180

Fabulous Moments
November 2015 (Kyoto, Osaka)

Studio Numb9r
24 November-3 December 2015 (Osaka, Kyoto)

Please check with photographers for pricing and availability.
** Price inclusive of photographer’s air ticket and accommodation.

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