Tips For Planning A Bridal Shower

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Traditionally, the responsibility of planning the bridal shower fell to the Maid of Honour, and not the bride’s family members. This was to avoid the misconception that family members were forcing guests into bringing gifts for the bride.

In recent times, however, some mothers of the bride-to-be, or even future mothers-in-law, have taken up this responsibility or provided financial assistance. Are you planning a bridal shower? We’ve got some tips for you:

#01 The Team

Form a team with the other bridesmaids. This will allow you to delegate tasks easily because, let’s face it, it’s not easy to plan and host a party for some 20 people.

#02 Guest list

Prepare a guest list of the people the bride-to-be would like to invite to the shower. Determine the budget and the person/people footing the bill. If everyone is chipping in, remember that all of you don’t earn the same amount of money. There are also ways to make money on the bachelorette party (if you’re having one) to help lighten the financial burden!

#03 Venue

Traditionally, the bridal shower is held at the Maid of Honour’s house. If this is not convenient, think of other options like a café or a hotel for afternoon tea.

#04 Theme and Décor

Think of something that the bride-to-be would like. For instance, her favourite colour or an era that she loves. The bridal shower should be a celebration that the bride-to-be remembers forever. Be creative and use your imagination. Once you’ve decided on a theme, the task of decorating will be a lot easier.

#05 F&B

How can you have a party without food and drinks? If the bridal shower is not being held at a café or hotel, you need to start thinking about catering or maybe making it a potluck. Try to keep the food and beverages in line with the theme.

#06 Programme

A party without any games or activities is going to be pretty boring, so come up with some unique games. If you don’t know where to start, bear in mind that you want to make this a memorable day for the bride-to-be.

#07 Gifts

The purpose of a bridal shower is to lavish the bride-to-be with gifts that will help her start her new home and life as a married woman. Set up a gift registry for her, or come up with a list of gifts that are appropriate. Be specific with the items, unless they have a simple return policy.

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