5 Tips on How to Dress in a Tuxedo

We have seen photos from thousands of weddings, and, unfortunately, not all grooms look like handsome, dashing versions of a James Bond in the making. To help you future grooms out there, here are 5 fashion mistakes to avoid:

#01 Tuxedo Before 6pm
The tuxedo is also known as a dinner jacket. That means it should be worn only for dinner. A tuxedo during daytime is a fashion abomination.
TIP: The 10 Commandments Of The Dinner Jacket


#02 Light Coloured Suit In The Evening
Light coloured suits like white, sky blue or beige are for daytime use only. This is why dinner jackets only come in black or midnight blue.
TIP: If you plan on wearing just one suit to carry you from day to night, opt for a versatile colour like grey or navy.


#03 Braces And Belts
Braces and belts have the same function – they hold your pants up. Wearing both renders one of them redundant.
TIP: Pants with belt loops must always be worn with a belt.


#04 Buttoning Your Jacket All The Way
There are two basic rules: always button the top button of your shirt, and never the bottom button of your jacket.
TIP: Memorise the “Sometimes, Always, Never” 3-button rule.


#05 Trouser Length
Your trousers should cover the top part of your shoes and part of your laces when standing up. Find a pair that fits you well and alter the length if necessary. Make sure your pants are not too loose or so tight that your guests are embarrassed to look at you.
TIP: For a more fashion forward look, the bottom of your trousers should fall right at the top of your shoe.


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