6 Steps To Not Losing Any Sleep Over Your Wedding Day

We understand – there’s a lot of pressure to make your wedding day the most beautiful and meaningful of your life. If you work full-time, the stress of juggling both work and wedding planning will probably get to you. There is so much you need to do that you might even lose sleep over it all. So here are a few tips on how to manage the wedding planning process so it’s much more enjoyable.

#01 Don’t over-think it
Download our wedding planning checklist and just do what you need to each month. The reason a lot of people lose sleep is, instead of writing down what they need to do and ticking it off a list, they think about it every night when they are in bed.

#02 Don’t waste too much time online
Don’t read too many wedding blogs; just pick 2-3 favourites. Ideally they should include an international blog for inspiration and trends, a local blog to help you with sourcing vendors, and perhaps a wedding forum or something similar that will enable you to research and perform background checks on potential vendors. Be selective, as some blogs and websites are just a waste of time.

Don’t Pinterest too hard
There are lots of pretty things on Pinterest and you might be tempted to pin everything onto your boards. That can be a waste of time if you’re pinning things that aren’t within your budget. The best way to use Pinterest is to be purposeful about what you are searching for. Use keywords or colour themes to narrow down your search.

#04 Don’t leave things till the last minute
If you follow our checklist, most things will be done before the final week leading up to your big day. Remember to delegate. The only thing left on your to-do list in that final week should be your guest list. Also, try to take a week off work and pamper yourself.

#05 Don’t party too hard
Try not to get too excited, especially on the night before your wedding. If you’re having a bachelor or bachelorette party, do it a week or two beforehand. That will allow you plenty of time to recover from your hangover, unwind and rest.

#06 Don’t think about what could go wrong
This helps nobody, especially yourself. Just go with the flow, and remember that your guests are people whom you love and won’t mind one bit if anything goes wrong. Besides, many brides tell us that the things that go wrong are often those they least expect to. As long as you are married to the person you are supposed to wed, it will have been a perfect day.

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