Be My Bridesmaids Ideas

'Be My Bridesmaids' Ombre cupcakes in jars by Marry This!

You may have found your man but you’ll still need your girls. Once you’ve decided on your maid of honour and bridesmaids, it’s always nice to ask them in the right way. You may speak to them casually before sending these gifts and cards so they won’t feel obligated to say ‘yes’, since this is more of a formality and a nice gesture to show them how much you appreciate them.

After Bethany’s famous bridesmaids’ boxes, a lot of pretty ideas have sprung up, and here are some of our favourites:

Ombre cupcakes in jars by Marry This!

'Be My Bridesmaids' Ombre cupcakes in jars by Marry This!

Cakes are always great especially for girls with a sweet tooth. We love the personalised iron-on napkins instead of regular invitations. They also go very well with the jars.

DIY steps and free printables here.

Gifts in bridesmaids’ boxes by Victoria, a bride

 Bridesmaids' boxes idea.

You can’t go very wrong with Rifle Paper Co. cards. This is a very smart and simple way to doll up a box. Inside the wooden jewellery boxes, Victoria packed a variety of cosmetic products that go with her wedding theme. Since it is a beach wedding in May, she included a pink Chanel nail polish called ‘535 May’, a lipgloss called ‘87 Seashell’, and a waterproof mascara called ‘10 Noir’. To finish, she filled the boxes with a little scented sand, seashells and a dash of glitter.

Bridesmaids' boxes idea for a beach themed wedding.

Bridesmaids' boxes idea.

Bridesmaids die-cut cards by First Snow Fall on Etsy

'Be my Bridesmaids' card by First Snow Fall on Etsy.

If you are looking at cards, try something interesting like this. Mix and match the different colours, envelopes and tags. On the cards, write something nice like how your bridesmaids have stood by you over the years, and how you would want them to be there with you for this very special day of your life.

Conceptual bridesmaids’ boxes by Emily, a bride

Bridesmaids' boxes idea.

These Bridesmaids Boxes are like your wedding concept box. Emily filled it with pictures of things related to her wedding – colours, décor, moods, and dresses she could see her bridesmaids wearing. It is a great way to make sure all your bridesmaids are on the same page as yourself. Add a note officially asking them to be your bridesmaids, and M&Ms in your theme colour(s) as a treat.

Bridesmaids' boxes idea.

A special box for your bridesmaids by Kristine Elizabeth, a bride and photographer

How about a pretty DIY box for each of your bridesmaids? Kristine says: “I wanted to ask them all to be my maids in a sweet way while also giving them a lot of information without making it too overwhelming.” We like the flipbook that is neatly attached to the box. It was also very thoughtful of Kristine to personalise a special poem for each of her bridesmaids.

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