Maid Of Honour’s Kit

10 Items That Should Be In Your Maid Of Honour’s Clutch. Photo by Metrophoto
Photo by Metrophoto

To be a great Maid of Honour, you need to be well prepared for every possible situation. You have the option to share these among your bridesmaids, so here are 10 items you should have with you:

#01 Mobile phone

If the bride has told everyone in advance that they should call you if they’re looking for her, then you won’t need to hold her mobile phone. Otherwise, make sure your clutch is big enough to hold both hers and your phone. Make sure you have all the important contact numbers, including whom to call to update the guest list or manage hotel check-ins.

#02 Itinerary

Keep a simplified version of the itinerary so you always know where the bride needs to be. Clarify anything you’re unsure of before the wedding day.

#03 Bride’s lipstick

Bring one just in case you can’t locate the makeup artist. If you like, you can even carry a small tube of hand lotion since she’ll be shaking hands with lots of people.

#04 Water and straws

Give her water frequently to keep her hydrated. Make sure you always have a straw on hand so she doesn’t smudge her lipstick. She probably won’t feel like eating so carry a small packet of digestive biscuits or almonds just in case. It will come in handy for you too.

#05 Mints

Lack of sleep, stress or just eating the wrong thing can cause less-than-desirable breath. Carry some in case anybody – not just the bride – needs it.

#06 Safety pins

Whether it’s a zipper that won’t work or a bouquet that’s falling apart, a tiny gold safety pin can do wonders. Keep several handy.

#07 Money and important documents

Just in case she needs to buy something. You may also need to carry her identity card if she’s leaving her purse behind.

#08 Tissues

Get better quality ones that won’t stick onto the face.

#09 Medicines

Bring a couple of basics like Panadol and Clarinase. Do check whether the bride has any issues you should be aware of, such as gastric problems or allergies. Also, bring transparent bandage in case of blisters.

#10 The just-in-case box

Keep this in your room or the bridal car; it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Another pair of heels, a pair of flats so she can rest her feet when no one’s looking, and extra contact lenses or contact lens solution if necessary.

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