Maid of Honour’s Responsibilities

Maid of Honour’s Responsibilities. Photo by Angga Permana
Photo by Angga Permana

We get it – for some Maids of Honour, there’s a hope that their prince charming will notice them because of their prominent position and sweep them off their feet to their ‘happily ever after’. Well, we hate to burst your bubble but the day is not about you! It’s about the bride who has finally found the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with. Your duty is to help her with the little tasks, be there for her, and ensure that she looks as flawless and beautiful as possible. It might not sound like the most glamorous job ever, but trust us, when your big day comes, you’ll wish you had someone trustworthy too. Here are a few things you might want to take note of:

#01 Help with her dress and veil

When she gets to the end of the aisle, you might want to “tidy up” her dress, especially her train. Don’t be afraid to do so, as it makes a great difference in the photos.

#02 Help her move around

During the reception, if she has a long dress, help her as she moves from table to table, and be there when she needs to change or use the ladies’ room. Always try to get a waiting room with an attached toilet, and avoid giving too many people access to her so that she has time to be quiet and rest.

#03 Keep her hands free

Hold her bouquet whenever it’s not needed so she has her hands free, and always have tissues on hand in case she gets emotional. Also, make sure her perspiration doesn’t smudge her makeup.

#04 Be there for her

Since most bridal gowns don’t come with pockets, you may need to hold her written vows, mobile phone and anything else she might need. Go here to read more about a Maid of Honour’s kit bag.

#05 Keep her hydrated

Make sure she has enough food and water to stay hydrated the entire day. If there’s a buffet, bring her bite-sized food and fruits. Don’t waste time queuing up; guests will be happy to let you go first if you explain that you’re getting some food for the bride.

#06 Be the timekeeper

Be the timekeeper, and remind her when it’s time to get ready or change. A gentle nudge from you is a good opening for her to excuse herself if she’s with guests.

#07 Get her to rest

Get her to nap or rest every chance she gets, and try not to overwhelm her with problems. If there are minor issues that you and the wedding coordinator can sort out without her having to deal with it, do it.

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