Roles And Responsibilities Of A Bride’s Sidekicks

Photo by Peter Herman Photography.

Photo by Peter Herman Photography

Planning a wedding can be an overwhelming process. Thankfully, the bridal party is there for support and to help. While a bride may have her own ideas as to how involved her ‘enlisted helpers’ will be, there are certain “duties” involved for those who take on these following roles.

#01 Maid of Honour
This is the bride’s right hand woman. She acts as the bride’s spokesperson, takes care of her, and makes sure she looks good from head to toe. From adjusting the bride’s train at the altar and holding her bouquet during the exchange of rings, to getting her a drink if she is thirsty and handing her a tissue when things get emotional, the maid of honour is a pillar of support for the bride.

#02 Bridesmaids
The bridesmaids form the bridal entourage. They are typically close friends of the bride who will assist the maid of honour in planning the bridal shower and getting the bride ready for her big day. In Chinese weddings, they are also the ‘ji-mui’ or the masterminds of the games that are aimed at getting the groom to prove his love for his future wife.

#03 Wedding Planner / Programme Coordinator
The wedding planner oversees the entire flow of the wedding. On the actual day of the celebration, he or she will liaise with the banquet manager or vendors on location. All the other persons in charge (PIC) will report to him or her. As the programme coordinator, he or she will also need to have good time management, take initiative, and be on top of things. This person is sometimes entrusted with the task of paying the vendors or suppliers on the day as well.

#04 Head of the Bridal Party
This person is tasked with contacting all members of the bridal party on the actual wedding day. He or she will ensure that they are awake, ready, present, and in position at the wedding venue. They are responsible for the numerous details relating to the bridal party, for example, making sure the corsages and bouquets are in place.

#05 Head of Décor
The head of décor holds the blueprint for the wedding setup. He or she would know exactly where the reception table is to be placed, how many candles or candlesticks are on each table, and so on. This person usually leads the team of helpers who are putting together the wedding decorations.

#06 Family Representative
It takes a family member to know a family’s needs. This family representative can advise on ceremonial decisions and last minute seating changes. In some cases, the family representative will also help to safeguard the gifts received by the couple and deliver those items to them after the celebration.

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