Find The Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Style That Fits You

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There are plenty of different approaches for your pre-wedding photoshoot. Find one that is suitable and that aligns with your own style, and go for it. Do some research and dig up what fits you best. If you have problems choosing just one, you can always combine a couple, or even plan another photoshoot to celebrate your first wedding anniversary if your other half is up for it.

#01 Bridal Portraits
These are photos of you in your bridal gown and photos of the both of you all dressed to the nines. These tend to be more dramatic in terms of setting and look, and, if necessary, you should save photos of poses that you like on your iPad or phone to help you on the day of the shoot (FYI, that’s how models do it). Other than that, just relax and your photographer will guide you. Make sure that your hair and makeup enhance your beauty rather than make you look like someone else altogether.

Photo by NDrew Photography.
“Vintage And Chic” by NDrew Photography

Photo by Jason Tey Photography.
“A Blush Pink Vera Wang Gown With Tea And A Bunny” by Jason Tey Photography

#02 Engagement photoshoot
This is normally a more casual photoshoot that shows the two of you sharing some intimate moments. Many couples prefer this approach as they can stroll around leisurely, and the photos usually consist of more close-up shots so you won’t regret any cheesy poses five years down the road. Just make sure that your photographer also does a proper shoot of you in your bridal gown on your wedding day – you don’t want to regret not having any full-length photos of your dress.

Photo by Munkeat Photography.
“Love In Spite Of Our Differences” by Munkeat Photography

#03 Stylised photoshoot
This is usually more of a little teaser for your wedding day, or it could be a romantic set of photos inspired by a movie or theme. Some couples also choose to do editorial styled shoots, like those you see on the glossy pages of a magazine. This provides the two of you with the chance to enjoy each other’s company without the rush and bustle of your wedding day, and it gives your guests a clear idea of what to expect. It works extremely well if you want your guests to dress up in a certain theme, creates excitement and is definitely something to talk about if done well.

Photo by Multifolds Photography.
“Whimsical Rustic Styled Shoot” by Multifolds Photography

Photo by Androidsinboots.
“Alluring Femininity From 1960s Shanghai” by Androidsinboots

#04 Conceptual photoshoot
This uses art or any other creative means to craft a stronger love message. It normally results in a more lasting memory for your guests, and it could be the start of you two creating things together. Alternatively, it could also be just one or two conceptual photos on top of your bridal shoot. Conceptual photoshoots are definitely more time consuming, which means you’ll have fewer photos, but as the saying goes, quality is better than quantity.

Photo by Raymond Phang Photography.
“Great Moments In New Zealand” by Raymond Phang Photography

Photo by Funkydali.
“Endless Possibilities” by Funkydali

#05 Tell your love story
Recreate your love story, even if it’s just a simplified version, by making a video. Don’t forget to add the things that matter to you both, or perhaps have the shoot somewhere meaningful or significant to your relationship.

Photo by Acapella Photography.
“Ballet In Paris” by Acapella Photography

Photo by Edwin Tan of Armadale Weddings.
“Reliving High School Days” by Edwin Tan of Armadale Weddings

#06 Destination photoshoot
For this, you should pick a country that the two of you dream of visiting together or one that holds a lot of great memories for you both. The former will create excitement and hope for the future, while the latter will draw out emotions that, hopefully, will make you grateful for your journey together. Destination photoshoots are very time consuming, so remember to factor that into your plans.

Photo by Axioo.
“Walk On The Wild Side” by Axioo

Photo by Adam Ong Photography.
“City Of Love” by Adam Ong Photography

#07 Post wedding/Pre-honeymoon photoshoot
This normally happens after your wedding day and before your honeymoon so you don’t have to rush through prep or cut short your holiday. Social media makes it easy for you to share the photos with all your friends and family, even when it’s after your big day. Just a word of advice: if you’re planning on doing a lot of drinking, don’t schedule your photoshoot for the day after your wedding. Otherwise, a photoshoot on the very first day of your life together can be immensely beautiful.

Photo by Chris Spira Photography.
“Simple And Elegant Wedding In Rasa Sayang Resort” by Chris Spira Photography

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