How to Choose a Wedding Day Photographer?

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It seems like everyone is doing wedding photography these days. Sadly, a lot of them aren’t really wedding photographers; just people who want a slice of the pie to boost their revenue.

A good bridal portraits photographer isn’t necessarily a good wedding day photographer. The latter must have the photojournalistic skills needed to capture the moments, and must be able to adapt quickly to the surroundings.

Remember that this is one of the most important days of your life, and your wedding photos will be the only physical record of it. Here are some tips on choosing the right wedding day photographer:

#01 Style

This is very important. Not all wedding photographers shoot in the same style. Some have a more traditional style, some employ contemporary and modern styles, and others are good at vintage and retro styles. Some are too artistic and miss the important moments. So the first thing you need to do is make sure you like a photographer’s style and are confident with his work.

#02 Quality

Do not get too excited about award-winning photographers or those who have a very impressive photo gallery. Instead, we suggest you go through their blogs to check their wedding stories. Make sure there are at least 15-20 photos from each wedding that actually look good.

a. Colour correction – We cringe when we see a set of photos that have 3-4 colour correction styles. Unless it’s a different environment, there’s no reason why a set of photos taken in the same room should have different treatments.

b. Wide-angle lens – We love wide-angle lenses; they make landscapes look more gorgeous and carry a certain amount of impact. But all your photos shouldn’t be distorted at the edges because the photographer didn’t know the right lens to use at the right time.

c. Black and white photos – Unless that is the style of photography, we have very little confidence in photographers that do more than 50% of their work in black and white. It tells us that they had problems making their images stand out.

#03 Experience and Personality

Experience plays an important role. An experienced photographer will be able to anticipate and capture emotions, and freeze those precious moments. However, there are also exceptional young photographers who simply have the gift of doing so.

Do make it a point to meet your photographer prior to your wedding and make sure you are comfortable with them. The wedding day can be stressful. Your photographer needs to be able to lighten up the mood in order to capture a moment.

#04 Service

Most photographers are independent business owners, which means they may not be available to meet you on a frequent basis. However, that should not be an excuse for taking a long time to revert to your emails. A photographer who has problems getting back to you promptly in the early stages tells you a lot about how long you’ll have to wait before you get your photos.

Also, some bigger studios have a team of photographers. It may not be the main photographer who shoots your wedding day, so make sure you know what you are signing up for. Wedding photography packages usually include an album, a same-day-edit slide show, and all files and negatives, but that sometimes varies.

#05 Price

Price should not be the main factor when selecting a wedding photographer, but it can vary tremendously. Is a particular photographer within your budget? If not, is he/she worth the difference? Another thing you might need to ask the photographer about is payment terms. We suggest the earliest you pay your final payment is on the wedding day itself.

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