How To Get Great Deals For Your Wedding

If you have the luxury of time, there are plenty of ways to get great deals. Last minute shopping and rash decisions will always cost more, so if you can, spot what you want early, allow for other options and be decisive when things are on sale.

#01 Designer Sales
Designer labels often have sample sales at the end of each season. Follow the labels you like on social media to be in the know.

Wedding deals for weddings.

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#02 Online Shopping
Do your online shopping during the mid-year sales, or on Thanksgiving, Boxing Day and Black Friday. Be ready to move fast as stocks are usually limited.


#03 Hotel Bookings
Hotels generally have at least one promotion a year, so wait for those. Even a discount of just 10% works out to a lot when it comes to venue bookings, and there are often additional perks and giveaways, such as free tables for your reception or honeymoon packages, thrown in as well.

#04 Photographer Bookings
Photographers usually start taking bookings in June for the following year, and many offer early bird booking rates. If you already know exactly which photographer you want, this is your chance to save some money.

#05 Destination Bridal Portraits Promo
Instead of specially flying a photographer to your desired destination, why not check to see who’s flying where? Many of them travel to popular photoshoot spots during the peak season anyway, so choose one that suits your style, and save on additional air ticket and accommodation costs.


#06 Use The Same Venue
Instead of booking separate spaces for your ceremony and dinner reception, have it all at the same venue. You could have your ceremony just before your dinner reception so you won’t need to worry about a luncheon, plus all your guests will be early for dinner.

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#07 Think Out Of The Box
Browse online stores for lace dresses, use fruits and vegetables for your décor instead of flowers, or mix real and faux blooms to save some cash. Be honest with your vendors about your budget so they can provide you with different options, and be creative.


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