How To Trim Your Wedding Guest List

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It is never easy deciding whom to invite to your wedding. This is one task that can be stressful for the bridal couple. Like it or not, you will not be able to invite everyone due to space and budget constraints.

First things first, have an estimate of the number of guests you plan to invite. This will give you a rough idea of whom you should include. Then, follow these tips to trim your wedding guest list:

#01 Two lists

Divide your guests into two categories – ‘Must invite’ and ‘Would be nice to invite’. The ‘Would be nice to invite’ category is for guests that you will only invite if you have the space. As the RSVPs come in, invite someone from that list for each ‘Must invite’ guest that can’t attend.

#02 Do they know you are engaged?

If they don’t know that you are engaged, chances are they won’t be offended if they aren’t invited.

#03 Do they know your fiancé?

If they don’t even know your fiancé exists, you don’t need to invite them.

#04 The One Year Rule

If you have not spoken to them or seen them in the last year, don’t invite them. This means leaving out the high school/college friend you have not connected with in the last five years.

#05 How often do you see them?

If you don’t see them often and you are sure that you are never going to speak to them or see them after your wedding, scratch them off your guest list.

#06 The Singles Club

You don’t have to give all your single friends a ‘plus one’ invitation unless they ask to bring a date. If lots of their friends are also invited, they’ll be happy to come solo.

#07 The troublemaker

If someone is known to cause trouble after a couple of drinks, you should leave him/her out.

#08 The No Kids Policy

Leave the kids at home. You don’t have to allow all your married guests to bring their kids. Inform your friends that your wedding is for adults only, although you may not be able to avoid kids when it comes to close relatives.

#09 Estranged relatives

Being Asian, your parents will probably want to invite all your relatives. Unless your parents are paying the bill, let them know (nicely!) that they can’t invite everyone. Try leaving out estranged or distant relatives for a start.

#10 From a land far, far away

If your guests are from out of town and live a pricey plane ride away, consider leaving them out unless they play an important role in your life.

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