What You Should Know About Your Vendors’ Meal



We thought this might be useful as it’s not a commonly discussed topic and, in fact, is something many couples overlook. Most vendors just want something simple while working a wedding, and for wedding planners, photographers, videographers and the like who probably won’t have time to grab a bite the entire time, it’s a good idea to prepare something that they can eat quickly beforehand. The last thing you want is a hungry, lethargic wedding planner or photographer who can barely think straight.

Feed them no later than half an hour before your guests arrive, or during the first course of your reception meal. Alternatively, ask them what they prefer. For example, videographers who are rushing for your SDE (same day edit) might prefer to eat only after their work is done.

Some couples also serve their vendors the same food as their guests. If that’s you, set aside a vendors’ table in a corner of your venue, not too far from the main table, so they can eat whenever they have a free minute. Remember to instruct your banquet manager not to clear the food for that table.

Most vendors don’t expect much and would be quite happy with fried rice, rice boxes, noodles or pasta. Make sure it’s something that’s easy to consume and not too soupy; even club sandwiches will do.

Avoid spicy food that might cause discomfort, and regardless of whether you order something from your caterer or get a friend to purchase something separately, do try to ensure that the food is fresh and warm. Your vendors’ meal should also be served punctually as their window of free time is usually quite short.

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