Tips For The DIY Bride: How To Stay Organised


How hard can this be, right? The challenge that most DIY brides face is conveying the vision in their heads to their helpers, and delegating the tasks. Besides having a main coordinator for the wedding day, you will need helpers to assist you with all the different elements as well. DIY weddings can actually be fun, as everyone can feel part of the most meaningful day of your life, so don’t worry too much about troubling people who you know love you very much.

Divide your helpers into different groups: registration, décor, ushers and so on. Detail how many people are required in each group on the itinerary. It is also best to have one person in charge of each group so you only need to brief the group leaders and they will brief the others.

Gather your helpers and do whatever you can in advance so that things won’t be so rushed on the actual day.

Pack things into boxes according to their purpose so that the person in charge will know where to find what is needed. Put those people in charge of getting all the items back too. If you can, come up with an itemised list, and draw the arrangements (if you have something in mind) to make it clearer and easier to understand.

Items for the décor might need to be subdivided into smaller groups, such as dessert table, photobooth, ceremony and reception. Pack glassware in a separate box, making sure that the items are bubble wrapped properly, and label clearly so that your helpers know to take extra care with it. Sweet items should be sealed to prevent an ant attack and stored in a cool place, and you should only set out food items on the actual day.

You can either entrust the person in charge of each group with the relevant boxes, or you can arrange to have all the boxes picked up from one place. If you have big items, remember to arrange a suitable vehicle for their transportation.

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