The Wedding Notebook – Wedding Checklist

The Wedding Checklist – To Do List.

12 months

* Announce your engagement to family and friends.
* Get a wedding notebook – those with pockets work best – to store all your information, quotations, payment information, ideas and appointments.
* Outline your wedding budget. {more}
* Start browsing wedding websites for ideas and start a Pinterest page. {more}
* Discuss possible wedding locations, formalities and themes with your spouse-to-be. {more}

11 months

* Determine a timeframe for your wedding date, then narrow it down to a few weekends that both of you are comfortable with. {more}
* Draft preliminary guest lists with both sets of parents. {more}
* Scout ceremony and reception venues. {more}

10 months

* Start your wedding workout routine now. {more}
* Hire a professional wedding planner or wedding coordinator. {more}
* Search for a photographer for your bridal portraits. {more}
* Search for a wedding day photographer and videographer. {more}
* Tighten wedding budget based on the surveyed prices.
* Book your wedding venue. Be sure to negotiate all the terms before paying your deposit. {more}
* Choose the members of your wedding party – Maid of Honour and Best Man, bridesmaids, groomsmen, ring bearer and flower girl(s). {more}

9 months

* Meet and book wedding photographer and videographer.
* Shop for bridal gown(s) and groom’s attire. {more}
* Determine your colour scheme and décor theme. {more}
* Prepare the relevant documents to legalise your marriage. {more}

8 months

* Confirm wedding concept and theme. {more}
* Meet and book florist and decorators. {more}
* Arrange entertainment, musicians, DJs, emcees, etc.
* Book your officiant for the ceremony.

7 months

* Search for or design invitations and stationery.
* Confirm the first draft of your guest list.
* Send out save-the-date notices or Facebook notifications. {more}
* Start working on bridal gown(s) – custom-made or rental? – and inform immediate family of the theme.
* Shop for your bridesmaids’ dresses. {more}

6 months

* Brainstorm video presentation ideas. {more}
* Meet florists and decorators to discuss detailed décor concept.
* Take bridal portraits.
* Plan and book your honeymoon, including travel itinerary, accommodation and activities. {more}
* Arrange for your bridal car.
* Start looking for your makeup artist and hairstylist. {more}

5 months

* Order wedding cake and wedding favours. {more}
* Send invitations and stationery to print. {more}
* Start working on your DIY projects. {more}
* Reconfirm your Maid of Honour and Best Man, bridesmaids, groomsmen, ring bearer and flower girl(s), as well as their attire.
* Start doing your photo montage and video presentation.

4 months

* First fitting for gown(s).
* Schedule hairdo and makeup trial sessions, and book once you decide.
* Start working on groom’s attire. {more}
* Trim your guest list. {more}
* Confirm menus and beverage/alcohol orders.
* Start writing invitations. Mail overseas invitations first.
* Purchase additional items for décor, wedding favours and personalised items.

3 months

* Obtain marriage license.
* Preliminary planning of wedding day programme and other preparations. {more}
* Work out a list of ‘must-play’ and ‘do not play’ songs, and pass it to whoever is in charge of your music. Make sure you also have your music selections for your entrance, videos and first dance.

2 months

* Send out the rest of your invitations. {more}
* Second fitting for groom’s attire.
* Shop for all your bridal accessories. {more}
* Schedule food tastings and finalise details with your caterer and/or venue vendor.
* Get your mates to plan your bridal shower, bachelorette party and bachelor night. {more}

1 month

* Second fitting for gown(s).
* Write your vows if you’re reciting your own. {more}
* Run through seating arrangements with the folks. {more}
* Run through checklists and programmes. Print your programme sheets. {more}
* Prepare speeches, toasts and emcee scripts.
* Recruit your ushers and helpers.
* Prepare gifts and start writing thank you notes. {more}
* Plan rehearsals and make the necessary arrangements with ceremony and reception venue management.
* Pick up wedding rings. Don’t forget to check the inscriptions before leaving the store!
* Bridal shower.
* Make a facial appointment.
* Pack for your honeymoon.

2 weeks

* Call guests who have not yet RSVP’d to get final head count. {more}
* Final gown fitting, bring your Maid of Honour so she can learn how to help you put it on. {more}
* Finalise detailed programme, and make sure all your mates are aware of their assigned duties.
* Run through speeches, toasts and emcee scripts.
* Go through the compilation of selected songs.
* Bachelorette party and bachelor night.
* Confirm and print out all honeymoon plans and documents.

1 week

* Collection of gown(s) and suit(s).
* Finalise guest list and notify caterer and venue manager. Print copies of seating plan. {more}
* Update the programme if necessary. {more}
* Run through details with vendors and start delegating to your helpers.
* Start packing the things you’ll need for your wedding day, venue décor, etc. {more}
* Prepare payments and cheques for vendors. {more}
* Rehearsals.
* Spa, manicure and pedicure.

The day before

* Coordinator to go through wedding day checklist.
* Venue décor.
* Car(s) décor.
* Collection of bridal bouquet.

Wedding day

* Coordinator to run through programme with venue manager and audiovisual system team. {more}
* Final rehearsals.
* Settle all payments with vendors.
* Enjoy yourself!

The week after

* Thank all the people you need to thank.
* Ensure all vendors have been paid in full.


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