Who Should Be Your Best Man?

Traditionally, the role of the groomsmen was to protect the bride and her dowry on her way to the wedding. In some instances, the groomsmen also assisted the groom in kidnapping the bride and carrying her off to be married.

The leader of the groomsmen is the Best Man. The Best Man is the man who has the best interests of the groom at heart and who will lead the men if they have to fight to keep the bride. The Best Man normally stands to the right of the groom, his hand on his sword throughout the wedding ceremony, ready to protect the bridal couple.

Today, the Best Man has three distinct responsibilities: the stag night, the ring and the speech. Besides that, the Best Man must also keep an eye out for potential mishaps before and during the wedding, and be prepared to assist the bride and groom.

With that in mind, here are some tips for selecting your best man:

#01 Responsible

Choose the person you feel is the most responsible. He must not lose the wedding rings and needs to ensure that you turn up for your wedding day after the stag night. The last thing you want is for your Best Man to tell you he lost the rings when you are standing at the altar.

#02 Public Speaker

The person you choose must not have a fear of public speaking, as he is responsible for the first toast and usually gives a speech.

#03 Dependable

Since the Best Man will be your assistant, the more dependable the guy, the more duties you will be able to delegate to him. Believe us, you will need someone trustworthy to handle things for you on your big day.

#04 Fun

This guy must know how to have fun. After all, he will be the person planning your stag night – your last night as a bachelor.

#05 Fiancée-approved

Make sure the guy you choose plays an active part in you and your fiancée’s life. He should be someone your fiancée likes, so don’t pick the guy who hit on her younger sister.

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