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10 Most Inspiring Couples Of 2014

The Wedding Notebook has covered so many beautiful weddings this year, and we are honoured to have been given the privilege of sharing it with all of you. Most of those weddings are in our magazines, so you can enjoy them again and again.

2014 brought us so many couples who changed our perception of conservative weddings, and this list is specially dedicated to them. May they be an inspiration to all the brides-to-be out there. Almost nothing is impossible these days. Enjoy!

#01 The impossible – 10 Most Inspiring Weddings Of 2014.
Photo by KedaZ Photography.
Story: Mind Blowing Bridal Portraits At The Antelope Canyon, Arizona by KedaZ Photography
We didn’t even think it was possible to get there, let alone have one’s bridal portraits shot in this amazing location. So we are adding this to our bucket list. Here’s to more adventurous, new locations for bridal portraits.

#02 Let your talent shine – 10 Most Inspiring Weddings Of 2014.
Photo by Acapella Photography.
Story: Ballet In Paris by Acapella Photography
Looking at these photos, we can see her beauty through his eyes. Her talent is undeniable, and we love how he allows her the space to chase her dreams and do what she enjoys. It’s a small act of love that sometimes goes unnoticed. We do hope to see more stories like this one.

#03 Exploring the unknown – 10 Most Inspiring Weddings Of 2014.
Photo by Studio Numb9r.
Story: The Couple That Stole The Limelight At The Color Run Malaysia 2014
Not even the photographer knew this would turn up so awesome. We salute the bridal couple for daring to explore journalistic wedding photography. Photos that are not staged generally look more natural and beautiful.

#04 Going the extra mile – 10 Most Inspiring Weddings Of 2014.
Photo by Milan Teh Studio.
Story: When Picking Up The Bride Requires A Passport by Milan Teh Studio
This groom never imagined how great the pictures would look. It was not convenient, but he was certain he wanted to honour his bride’s parents. He’s off to a great start and this was definitely photo worthy.

#05 Overcoming fear – 10 Most Inspiring Weddings Of 2014.
Photo by Axioo.
Story: Walk On The Wild Side by Axioo
Getting up close to a cheetah is another act we never thought possible – this was simply stunning. We do hope couples will trust their photographer’s art direction and overcome their fears, including being too embarrassed to pose in public.

#06 Not your regular bridal attire – 10 Most Inspiring Weddings Of 2014.
Photo by Fabulous Moments.
Story: Denim And Khakis by Fabulous Moments
A wedding that really broke away from the conventional. We love this couple’s travelogue video and the way they shared it with their friends. We hope this will inspire more couples to be bold enough to stay true to their own style. A wedding that is uniquely theirs.

#07 Getting creative – 10 Most Inspiring Weddings Of 2014.
Photo by Raymond Phang Photography.
Story: Dramatic Paper Wedding Dress by Raymond Phang Photography
Bridal portraits are a chance to try crazy things – if you can find a likeminded photographer. How interesting it is to have a toilet paper dress; it’s something that you will always look back on, and what a great story to tell.

#08 A DIY engagement party – 10 Most Inspiring Weddings Of 2014.
Photo by Tah Cheng.
Story: A DIY Vintage Party At Enderong House, Janda Baik by Tah Cheng
We included this especially for brides who say they don’t have the budget to plan a beautiful wedding like those on Pinterest. We feature lots of DIY weddings like this one on TWN, just to show brides out there that it is possible.

#09 Using what you have – 10 Most Inspiring Weddings Of 2014.
Photo by JFaith Weddings.
Story: Void Deck Garden Wedding by JFaith Weddings
We were utterly impressed that a void deck wedding could be so beautiful. Just because you have a budget restriction on your wedding venue doesn’t mean it can’t also be romantic and beautiful. It is the people who are present that make your wedding fun, not the venue.

#10 Dare to dream – 10 Most Inspiring Weddings Of 2014.
Photo by Albert Pamies Fotografia.
Story: From Dream To Reality by Albert Pamies Fotografia
The first time they went to Europe, this couple fell in love with Spain and joked that they would get married there. Two years later, they did just that. Dare to dream big.

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