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15 Sweetest Marriage Proposals

A roundup of how people are proposing all around the world. From ideas as simple as playing Pictionary and using iPhone’s Siri to including a GoPro and making a six-year plan! The bottom line: be sensitive to what she likes. When a man understands his woman’s love language, she will be moved by his words and efforts every time. Good luck!

#01 Rally close friends and family
Perfect for if you are surrounded by loads of friends who love you both. This one’s really touching; we found it hard to hold back our tears.
YOU NEED: Be good enough with words to pen a love letter, as well as a bunch of fun friends and family.

#02 30,000 feet above ground wedding proposal flash mob
Because a flash mob on the street is just too mainstream.
YOU NEED: Dance moves and courage enough to do them in public.

#03 Every possible proposal combined into one
This guy did it all: flash mob, music video and live radio. Totally mind-blowing. What we love most about this? It was meaningful and very well executed. Possibly the most well planned and recorded proposal we’ve come across.
YOU NEED: A production team to pull this off. Creativity is key.

#04 With the help of Siri
The gift that she has been wanting – plus a little something more. Way to pop the question.
YOU NEED: Sensitivity to know what she wants, and creativity to pop the question with it.

#05 The one thing that she cannot say ‘no’ to
Cupcakes were the one thing she would never say ‘no’ to. So he customised a cupcake ring box. And because it was too hard to get their friends from all over the world there, he made a video with all of them in it for her instead.
YOU NEED: Illustration skills and video editing capabilities.

#06 In winter with her favourite love song
If you have been paying attention to what she likes – that one song she has been playing over and over again – you’ve got one thing right already.
YOU NEED: Be resourceful enough to bring her favourite singer to town.

#07 A hiking trip with a surprise, recorded with a GoPro
Use a GoPro to record all her expressions. This seemed quite unexpected but why not propose at a place that makes you both come alive, right?
YOU NEED: Perhaps a little singing skill. You would also need to check out the place in advance to prep.

#08 A beautiful place
This is really beautiful, and one that made us feel like all proposal videos should be recorded. Simple and lovely.
YOU NEED: Maybe hire a videographer?

#09 A scavenger hunt
She knew he was going to propose and there was no way to surprise her so he pampered her and gave her the best day of her life.
YOU NEED: Money to splurge on giving her the best day ever.

#10 Plan ahead
Surprise and move her by planning it all from day one. This guy had them take photos with alphabets every time they travelled over the six years they were together. As it turned out, there was a really good reason for that…
YOU NEED: The ability to plan way ahead, and without arousing her suspicion.

#11 Bring down her hopes and then turn it around
Try this only if you know she won’t get too angry. Imagine going from feeling so disappointed to having the most amazing fairytale wedding. This has to be the biggest surprise proposal and wedding ever.
YOU NEED: Some sort of superpower to rally such a mighty army of people.

#12 Create a domain name to pop the question
Remind her of your journey together, assure her that you are great together, and pop the question.
YOU NEED: The skills to do this, or find someone who does.

#13 At the airport
Catch her off guard. Music obviously plays a big part in this woman’s life, and her man got everything right!
YOU NEED: Contact details of her (musician) friends.

#14 Pictionary turned proposal
Draw the question when she least expects it.
YOU NEED: The ability to draw, at least well enough that she will get it.

#15 Just the two of you
Find somewhere quiet to share this moment with just her. It is sometimes more memorable and meaningful to keep it small.
YOU NEED: The ability to edit videos, and have people set up the place in advance.

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