Essentials for destination wedding.
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6 Thoughtful Details For Your Destination Beach Wedding

The Wedding Notebook recently invited some couples along with us to Langkawi to experience a destination wedding. Since we had just a small group of guests, we could afford to include some extra details.

#01 Arrival Cocktail Or Drink

Your guests deserve to be welcomed at the door. Get the hotel to customise something for you if possible, and remember that any welcome drinks are best served with a cold towel so that your guests can freshen up after their journey.

Refreshing drinks for destination wedding.

Refreshing drinks for destination wedding.

#02 Welcome Bag

Budget permitting, customise or personalise something and leave it in the hotel rooms for each of your guests. We decided to make something for each of the couples. The best thing about small weddings is that you can afford to make each of your guests feel special.

Essentials for destination wedding.

Caption: Welcome bags hand painted by Craft Kitchen

Essentials for destination wedding.

#03 Programme Booklet

Provide your guests with an overall itinerary so that they know when and where your ceremony and reception (plus any other special arrangements) will take place. Remember: don’t overwhelm them with activities, do include a contact person in case of emergency, and do provide a list of things that they can do during their stay.

Essentials for destination wedding.

Caption: Printed with Kraft Paper from an Epson home printer using Durabite Ink (waterproof ink)

#04 Mosquito/Insect Repellent

Being outdoors means mosquitoes or bugs, so do prepare some repellent for your guests, either as part of their welcome bags or make it available during your ceremony and reception.

Essentials for destination wedding.

Caption: Customised stickers on transparent bottles from Daiso (2 for MYR5)

#05 Night Cap

Surprise your guests by leaving chocolates or a midnight snack in their hotel rooms (the hotel might be able to assist you with this during their turn down service). A personalised note can be quite meaningful too.

Ideas for destination wedding.

Caption: Kraft Paper tray from Kaison

Essentials for destination wedding.

#06 Hangover Pack

If you plan on serving lots of alcohol at your wedding and/or reception, it might not be a bad idea to leave your guests a hangover pack as well.

Essentials for destination wedding.

Photo by Bloc Memoire Photography


Have some chick lit or good novels ready for your guests to enjoy while sunbathing on the beach.

Something For The Beach
Tanning lotion, sunscreen, fans, hats or even provide brush so they can remove sand from their feet!

Essentials for destination wedding.

All photos by Inlight Photos unless otherwise stated.

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