Illustrations by Joanne Poon.
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An Illustrated Storyboard Wedding Website That’s Just Epic!

Design students are probably going to feel a little nostalgic when they see this one: a short Save The Date video inspired by 80s movies and a wedding website with storyboard inspired illustrations. The idea is refreshing to say the least, and we trust that their friends were all excited to attend the wedding. (Tip: A great Save The Date idea will generate attention and excitement for your big day.)

Jiawern: “Since we’re only going to get married once, we decided, why the heck not? Heavily influenced by the 80s movies that we grew up with, with a healthy injection of the retrowave scene, this video was born out of pure experimentation.

“To accompany our wedding ceremony, we decided to loop in the idea of Levelling Up – similar to the concept of gaining adequate experience points to move on to another level in gaming. Thus, marriage is a levelling up of sorts. We were inspired by movies like ‘Miami Vice’, ‘The Terminator’, ‘Back to the Future’, ‘Escape From New York’, ‘Drive to Farcry: Blood Dragon’ and the new Kickstarter project, ‘Kung Fury’.

Illustrations by Joanne Poon.

Illustrations by Joanne Poon.

Illustrations by Joanne Poon.

“We weren’t able to source 80s props with our budget, and decided to have it set in the present day – with a few twists. We pulled in some favours and got our set, super bike and leather jackets ready for a B-grade action short. Equipped with a small team of highly experienced procrastinators, we shot over five weekends, and were tired, dehydrated and sleep-deprived by the time it ended.

 The short is filled with metaphorical as well as symbolic references to things that our lives revolve around. We aren’t brilliant actors, nor do we portray characters very well, but all things considered, boleh lah. Special thanks to my university classmates, church friends and slave-students for making this happen.”

Illustrations by Joanne Poon.

Illustrations by Joanne Poon.

Illustrations by Joanne Poon.

Illustrations by Joanne Poon.

Illustrations by Joanne Poon.


Jiawern Kok as himself

Alicia Lim as herself

Jonathan Chong as R1nzl3r

Johnson Ling as BlackKillsClap

Ronnie Wong as Tiger Balm

and featuring
 Danny Foo as Kingpin

A North of the Valley production

In Association with Rocket Science Productions


Directed by Johnson Ling

 / Illustrations by Joanne Poon
 / Website Programmers Enoch Lau, Ho Sheng Rou, Jinyong Lim, Jawagar Samidurai
 / Producer Joanne Wee
 / Director of Photography Jonathan Chong
 / Writer Danny Foo

 / Music by FM Attack – Hopeless Romantic

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