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Colouring Mason Jars

© Blissful Inspirations. Colouring Mason jars

We can’t tell you how thrilled we were when we first saw these sweet candy-coloured mason jars, and even more so when Emily of Blissful Inspirations allowed us to share it. Here’s her step-by-step tutorial. With this, you can transform mason jars into literally any colour you can imagine. Go and be creative! Read the detailed tutorial here.

Emily: “This is such a cute way to add colour in a very inexpensive way. It’s also a great project for you to do with the girls. My jars vary a little in colour, but I really enjoy the fact that each jar is different from the next.

“Of course you can add any food colouring you want to the jars to make them fit your theme. I chose red food colouring to make my jars light pink and they turned out perfect. It pretty much looks like pepto or liquid bubble gum to me, but dries just about clear leaving it pink. Perfect for our wedding!”

© Blissful Inspirations. Pink Mason jars

© Blissful Inspirations. Colouring Mason jars

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