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Cutout Animation

Jehan Miskin, a Malaysian actor, producer and filmmaker, recently wed Korean girlfriend Julie Camelia Rhee.

Shiroku Production was also recruited once again to produce a wedding video on their love story. Refusing to do the same thing they did for Yiu Lin and Azlan, they went with a totally different illustration approach this time using paper cutouts style.

Cutout animation is a technique for producing animations using flat characters, props and backgrounds cut from materials such as paper or photographs. Today, cutout-style animation is frequently produced using computers, in this case vector graphics taking the place of physically cut materials. Another fun project accomplished – well done!

JULIE & JEHAN {Malaysia}

Produced by Shiroku Production / Creative Direction by Jay Sheldon / Design Lead Chaiyen Wong / lllustrations by Wee-Mei Tan / Animation and Motion Design by Nicky Tan and Carmen Chan Jia Myn / Voiceover by Jay Sheldon

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