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The Art Of The Bricks by Dean West and Nathan Sawaya

We were in the midst of compiling a whole set of LEGO-inspired weddings when we stumbled upon this collaboration between hyper-real Australian photographer Dean West and LEGO sculptor Nathan Sawaya. IN PIECES is a series of carefully crafted images with LEGO sculptures that you hardly notice.

We understand this isn’t a wedding, but that’s our point – we believe that great work inspires greatness. Also, we haven’t really found any interesting LEGO-themed weddings yet. Even if the only LEGO object is one very simple coffee cup, we think it’ll make a pretty kick-ass bridal photo. And to the LEGO fans out there, surely you can do better than LEGO cufflinks and cake toppers. Look at these! They’re a piece of art indeed.

{Read the magazine for an interview with Dean West}

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