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DIY Wooden Signs

DIY Wooden Signs.

DIY Wooden Signs.

These signs are really pretty and are suitable for almost any theme. If you want a romantic, rustic look, use script fonts and add flowers and ribbons. For a more carnival feel, use fancy fonts and make it deliberately untidy. What you need to know is exactly where you intend to put them so you can decide how many pieces of wood you need and which direction your signs should be pointing towards.


* Wood
* Spoon
* Pencil
* Thick flat brush
* Small brush
* Acrylic paint
* Nails
* Hammer

You can actually get ready-cut pieces from the hardware shop. They will look a lot nicer if they are not so perfect and of different lengths.

Once you have the dimensions you can type out all the words you need. Make sure you print them out as mirror images. Download the sample below for an example.

Use cloth or tissue to wipe the dust from the surface of the wood. Generously wet the whole surface of one side of the wood with the thick flat brush. Put the paper on top of it with the ink surface facing down. Then, making sure that the paper doesn’t move, use a spoon to scratch on the words. Don’t take too long because the tracing will only work if it’s wet.

This is what it should look like when you are done. Use a pencil to enhance the outlines if unclear.

DIY Wooden Signs.

Paint the words you have traced, using the small brush and the acrylic paint.

DIY Wooden Signs.

The next day, after everything is dry, cut the corners so they point to the direction that you want. Add a polyurethane finish topcoat if using the signs outdoors and you are unsure about the weather. Once you are satisfied with the arrangement, you can nail the signs together.

{Download signs sample}

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