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Inspired By Prinstagram

Prinstagram – Calendar via

When we first stumbled upon Prinstagram, there were just so many ideas that came to mind. When we looked at the calendar we thought about combining it with Project 365 – a photo a day – casual shots of the couple that we could use to form a wall panel on the wedding day. The white space could even be an alternative guestbook.

All the Instagram ideas for your wedding theme could be printed on square prints and included in the bridesmaids’ boxes so they have an idea of the kind of wedding you have in mind.

Prinstagram – Square photos via

Prinstagram – Tinybook via

If it fits into your budget, we actually thought the Tinybook is quite an awesome wedding favour. Can’t help thinking how exciting it would be for guests to pick one up.

And how about Flipbook with 50 Instagram images? No more using the excuse that you can’t edit videos. Pretty cool conceptual bridal portraits.

Save The Date stickers – small enough to stick somewhere but noticeable enough for guests not to forget your wedding. A whole sticker book of images with the same colour theme can be quite pretty too.

Basically, the sky is the limit. Just budget wisely and plan in advance.

Prinstagram – Minibook via

Prinstagram – Stickers via

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