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Make Your Own Wedding Car Cans

Make Your Own Wedding Car Cans.

It’s been said that the clanging sound of the cans will ward off evil spirits and prevent them from kidnapping the bride. We’re not sure if you can actually drive around like this, but we made one for this Coke-themed wedding because it looks so pretty. Instead of the usual condensed milk or food cans, we used recycled Coke cans.


* Empty food cans or recycled Coke cans
* Screwdriver
* String

If you are using recycled cans, you can wrap them with your choice of wrapping paper. You do not need to apply glue to the whole area, just where the paper overlaps at the ends, like regular food can labels.

For Coke cans, position the screwdriver near the mouth of the can and just put gentle pressure on it. It will be enough to make a hole through the can. For food cans, you might need to use a mallet or hammer to put a bit more pressure on the screwdriver to create a hole. Use something to grip the can or get someone to hold it for you.

Put a piece of string through the can and tie a knot to hold it in place. We bought our string from MUJI.

Instead of just one, we actually tied two to three cans to each piece of string to make sure they create that clanging sound and don’t look too sparse. Gather up all the strings and tie them into a knot before tying the bundle to the car. Add ribbons for a more romantic feel.

Make Your Own Wedding Car Cans.

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