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How To Not Look Like An Outdated Bride

There is a big difference between vintage and outdated. Brides today go for more natural and simple looks. It is alright to trim the budget by having fewer things, but it is not alright to use cheap materials. Also, here are a few things you should not do if you don’t want to look like a bride who is stuck in the 90s.

#01 Organza chair ties
If you cannot afford chair rentals, just stick with white chair covers instead of tying them with organza.


#02 Thick makeup
How you look in real life matters as much as how you look in photos.

#03 Too much of your faces
Avoid banners or giant sized photos of yourselves, and please, no photos of yourselves on your wedding favours!

#04 Red flower petals sprinkled on tables
This is just a little outdated, and it’s even worse if they are so few you can actually count them.


#05 Over-editing photos
Over-editing or, worse still, bad editing of photographs is a big no-no. If your makeup can’t cover up your eye bags, just deal with it. Also, avoid over-posing or over-staging the shoot.

#06 Dramatic food presentations
Not only do they not suit your theme, they practically steal the limelight from your big entrance.

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