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Rambo Day: The Ultimate, Most Kickass Bachelor Party Ever

This really brings the bachelor party to a whole new level. A bunch of mates put together a surprise Rambo-themed bachelor party for Dana Saint, who is obsessed with Sylvester Stallone in Rambo. And from the looks of this action packed video, it was a day of guns, explosions, booze and lots of laughter of course.

“Throwing over-the-top bachelor parties was never a life goal. It just sort of happened. Dana has always been the centerpiece for every bachelor party, so for him, we knew that everything needed to get kicked up a couple notches,” said Dan Riordan, mastermind and good friend of the groom-to-be.

The effort involved in this makes wedding planning look like a walk in the park. We’re not sure if we’ve ever laughed so hard or seen anything this awesome before; our imaginations are going wild with yet more crazy ideas! By the way, these guys own a production company, which explains how they totally nailed this.

Camera Crew Jordan Ingram, Shawn Tyler and Colby Blanchet of Gnarly Bay

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