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Superheroes Living Ordinary Lives In Hong Kong

Superhero Batman. Photography by Chow Kar Hoo.

Throughout our search for superhero-themed weddings, we found lots of interesting things on the web. But photographer Chow Kar Hoo’s ‘Heroes Next Door’ Series of superheroes photos living ordinary lives in Hong Kong stood out the most.

Since his childhood, Chow has been influenced by Marvel and DC comics and superhero movies. As an artist, he realised the genre was more than just about defeating villains or keeping world peace. Every superhero also embodies the spirit of humanity, in that they, too, have to deal with hopes, dreams, fears, frustrations and other facets of human nature.

In his series of photos, Chow invited a group of superheroes to unveil the truth about our world, whether it’s political situations, social justice, environmental issues or the quest for happiness. Through his surreal visualisation and use of superhero iconography, he hoped to provoke our reflections on the world around us. This is how a good photographer conceptualises his work – it’s always about the message.

Photography by Chow Kar Hoo.

Photography by Chow Kar Hoo.

Photography by Chow Kar Hoo.

Photography by Chow Kar Hoo.

Going back to our superhero theme, we were inspired by the notion that your man is the superhero in your life, even though you recognise that he has weaknesses and that he might fail you. For bridal portraits with a superhero twist, add a characteristic or two of your favourite superhero, for example the spider web, an iconic hairstyle, a superhero suit peeking out of a suitcase, etc. Sometimes, subtlety is more powerful.

Check out the rest of the series on his website.

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