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10 Creative Photobooth Ideas

Photo by WOW Photobooth

Photobooths have become almost essential in weddings these days. Honestly, you have to admit that it looks a hundred times better than having the whole family standing around a table of half-eaten food. Here, we’ve rounded up some interesting ideas and alternatives that you can adapt to spice things up:

#01 Naturally Changing Backdrop
Instead of seeing those windows as a disadvantage, use them as a backdrop for your photobooth, and enjoy the changing colours of the sky (and view!) as the sun goes down.

10 Creative Photobooth Ideas.

10 Creative Photobooth Ideas.

10 Creative Photobooth Ideas.

#02 Mug Shots
What a great way to keep a photographic record of everyone who was at your wedding! Skip the guestbook and instead ask your guests to write their name and a “crime” that they’d committed with you in the past on the chalkboard for their photos.

Photo by Funky Dali. Mug Shots - 10 Creative Photobooth Ideas.

Photo by Funky Dali

#03 On The Small Screen
You can build almost anything these days, and this huge TV prop is perfect for your almost-famous friends!

F11 Photo Booth – 10 Creative Photobooth Ideas.

Photo by F11 Photo Booth

#04 GIF Videos
We don’t know of any vendors in our region who are doing this just yet, but it’s really cool. Using the green screen concept, this captures stop motion movements and combines them to make really loud and cool graphics.

GIF Videos – 10 Creative Photobooth Ideas.

GIF Photo by StudioBooth

#05 Instagram Instant Pictures
Since most of your guests probably have Instagram, you won’t even need another camera for your photobooth. Just have them take a selfie, hashtag it, and print! Besides Say Cheese! and Instaprint, WOW Photobooth also currently launched their Wowgram.

Intagram Instant Pictures - 10 Creative Photobooth Ideas.

Photo by Say Cheese!

#06 Flipbooks
An awesome alternative to your usual wedding favours, this is almost like a GIF file, except your guests will get to keep it too! No more giving away things that your guests won’t appreciate. Check out Fliplet, Flipbooks and Flippin’ Pigs .

Flipbooks – 10 Creative Photobooth Ideas.

Photo by Fliplet

#07 3D Backdrop
An idea that was inspired by the Trickeye Museum Korea, this is actually available also in Resorts World Sentosa and a similar concept in Penang. Instead of just having a flat backdrop, do something astounding that requires your guests to get creative.

10 Creative Photobooth Ideas.

Photo by Made in Penang

10 Creative Photobooth Ideas.

Photo by The Digital Orange

#08 Magazine Covers
Because it is everyone’s dream to grace the cover of a magazine, right? Just be sure not to offend any existing publications with your “magazine” name.

Photo by Funky Dali. Magazine Covers – 10 Creative Photobooth Ideas.

Photos by Funky Dali for Elle Malaysia

#09 Fit Them All In
Let’s see how many people can fit into the photobox! This should make for some extremely fun photo ideas.

10 Creative Photobooth Ideas.

Photo by True Photo Booth

#10 Slow-Motion Videos
This was probably the most widely shared photobooth idea last year, and is one that requires a lot of work and skill on the part of the photobooth provider. For a simpler option, make a photobooth compilation video instead. It’ll make a nice post-event video too.

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